Monday, July 7, 2014

Quilt, Friendship 1927

This Friendship Quilt was on display in the vestibule of the Somers Community Church, United Church of Christ, located on Highway E in Somers, Wisconsin.  The quilt dates back to 1927.  Looking carefully at the stitching of the names, it should be noted that they are all in the same handwriting.  It appears the names were penciled in and the squares were likely sent home with each lady to be completed.  This quilt was a gift for one of the members, Jessie Jensen, who was very ill.  It was presented to her in 1927.  She passed away the following year.  The quilt was passed on to family where it was stored in a trunk in the basement of the home of Lillian and Vern Woltersdorf for about 50 years.  Lillian was Jessie's sister.  After Lillian's death, Vern rediscovered the quilt in late 2002.

1927 Friendship Quilt
Quilt made for Jessie Jensen, Somers, Wisconsin
Made by the Pilgrim Daughters organization and members of the Somers Community Church, Somers, Wisconsin

1927 Friendship Quilt name chart
Prepared by  Myrtle Johnson, Somers, Wisconsin
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Quilt Story - Who were the ladies who made the quilt?

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