Monday, July 7, 2014

Pilgrim Daughter History

Until the summer of 1926, the Somers Congregational Church had only one women's circle, The Ladies Aid.  By then, the membership of the Ladies Aid had grown considerably, and due to the size of the group and the fact that many of the young mothers, who found it necessary to bring along their babies and small children, it was decided to form two circles, the younger members to make up the new group.

Mrs. Winnefred Fenske was president of the Ladies Aid at that time and a very active church worker.  She called a meeting of the group in September of 1926.  A meeting was held at the parsonage with the Pastor and at this meeting the group was divided and officers were elected.  Mrs. Edith Christensen was the first president. One of the first projects was piecing a Friendship Quilt with the name of each member embroidered on a block.  This was presented in January 1927 to one of the members, Jessie Jensen, now deceased, who was very ill at that time.

Charter Members

Buechner, Dagmar
Bush, Gladys
Chermak, Mary
Christensen, Edith
Christensen, Johanna
Cogell, Lucille
Friedrich, Caroline
Gardinier, Evelyn
Haigh, Irene
Haigh, Mildred
Heide, Ida
Helding, Laverne
Jensen, Annie
Jensen, Jessie
Johnson, Clara
Lauer, Myrtle
Smith, Frances
Smith, Nell
Tabbert, Alice
Tabbert, Ethel
Tabbert, Katie
Wilcox, Bertha

Yule, Lillian

(Source:  Research by Myrtle Johnson)

Down through the years, the group has worked hard helping the church financially as well as spiritually, and will continue to do so as long as they are able.  We, the young mothers, who formed this Pilgrim Daughter circle, have now become the grandmothers. 

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