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  1. I too just discovered your Blog about Somers Wisconsin. My maiden name is BIEHN, and am also a COOK, so you see my family were from Somers. My GrandFather Frank Biehn was supposed to have had many businesses in Somers, would love to hear more about a theater or opera house he may have operated. He ran a creamery, a butcher shop as well.

  2. To the author, I do have some family photos of some of your Somers folks, will send them to your email if you would like.

  3. Wow what memories. Went to Berryville and Washington schools. I remember Washington having 2 class rooms will multiple grades in each one. My sister was in a higher grade but we were in the same class room. Fell off the top of the slide in 1st grade at Berryville. Knocked me out, woke up in nurses office with my parents there to take me home. Everything was ok, went back to school the next day.

  4. I am a Gascoigne my name is jack share mother ester Gascoigne grandfather sam. thank you for your help.