Thursday, December 31, 2015

Somers Road 1910

Somers Road (Highway E) bridge looking west toward the S C Sorenson house (still standing today)
The bridge is just west of Highway 31
(Photo courtesy of Sandy Halmo, daughter of Agnes Sorenson and granddaughter of William Pallesen)

Methodist Church Sunday School

Somers Methodist Church about 1910 or 1912
Sunday School class
(Photo Courtesy of Sandy Halmo-Daughter of Agnes Sorenson, Granddaughter of William Pallesen)


Braun Farm
Threshing crew working about 1906.  The man in the spring wagon is William Pallesen (Agnes Sorenson's father.
The little boys are George, about 3 years old, and Albert, about 6 years old.
Albert later died in 1918 of influenza.
(Source:  Sandra Halmo, Agnes Sorenson's daughter)

Piper Farm Highway H

Piper Farm
Located on County Highway H between County Roads A and E on the north side of the road across from Thomas'.
It is believed it was taken before 1918 because the barn burned in 1918.
Agnes Pallesen Sorensen was born here in 1913
(Source:  Sandra Halmo, Agnes Sorensen's daughter)

Partial 1908 Map of Town of Somers, Section 7
Piper Bros. Farm