About This Blog

Book vs. WebSite
There is no single place or source, available to everyone free regardless of where you live, that consolidates the history of the Township of Somers, Kenosha County, Wisconsin.  The data in this website is derived from books, newspapers, personal family collections, other public websites, etc.  Although a history book has appeal, publication costs would exceed what most people would be willing to pay and most importantly, a web site like this is available to everyone, everywhere, anytime.  I created these web sites to benefit all.

Non Profit Volunteer Status
This web site was created and is managed my me, Jacqueline Klapproth Nelson, personally.  Somers, Wisconsin is a small community of less than 10,000 people and it has no society or association dedicated to the presentation of history at this level.  The Township of Somers does not provide human resources, financial, or any other contribution to this site other than its encouragement for me to preserve and document its history.  I receive no donations, bequests, or membership fees of any kind and I do not appeal for funds.  The intention is not to profit from these sites.

Education and Research
I encourage personal and private use of this web site for its intended purpose which is meant to be a learning tool, entertaining reading, a way to preserve vintage photographs, and to serve as a family history resource.  I do not wish, nor do I give permission for the Commercial "for profit" use off this web site.  As a contribution to my community of Somers Township, I volunteered my time and talent to establish this site and do not wish anyone else to profit from my work.  I will aggressively pursue violations known to me.

It is my intent to stay focused on Somers pioneer history and stop at a point where events invade an individual's privacy for those still living.  I generally intend to avoid any mention of events prior to the 1940's with the exception of newspaper articles, obituaries or other public records that may relate to pioneer news.

Responsibility of Information and Maintenance
This web site is not complete.  It is a work in progress.  I started uploading information in October 2011 and continue to add on a regular basis and time allows and as new information becomes available.  It is my sole decision on what information is uploaded and posted to this site.

Generally, I will always mentioned the source of the information whether I need to or not.  I believe it gives creditability to the information and a place where people go look further as it relates to their personal interest.  When individuals donate information, photos, etc. personally, the source is always noted.