Monday, July 7, 2014

Washington Grade School

Washington Grade School
Highway E west of Highway 31
Somers, Wisconsin

Washington Grade School,  Somers, Wisconsin
Grades 6, 7, and 8

Top Row, Left to Right:
Priscilla Young, Calvin Martin, Linda Berg, Donnie Becker, Mrs. Cummings, Jerome Springer, Susie Goodman, Bobby ?, Linda Andersen

2nd Row from Top, Left to Right:
Dennis Sadowski, Jimmy Martin, Kent Mayes, John Jankowicks

3rd Row from Top, Left to Right:
Jane Englehart, ?, Larry Andersen, Delores Martinez, David ?, David Capps, Lillian Chrstianson

Botton Row, Left to Right:
Debbie Johnson, Marty Mattieg?, Linda Majerko, Jerry Springer?, Gloria Martin, Greg Phiefer, Susie G?

Need Help
We need help confirming the missing students and/or spelling of names.  Please email your response to  Thank you.

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