Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Baseball "Specials"

Somers "Specials" Baseball Team
Note on photo: Chris Birch was a manager of this team after he could not pitch anymore.  Some men are still from Somers Grey's team.  Year taken unknown. Strifling was assistant manager.
(Source:  Original photo courtesy of Jim and Sharon Bose Smith.)
Back Row - Standing
#1 - Otto Strifling (Assistant)
#2 - Joe Weyers
#3 - George Thomas
#4 - Yule
#5 - Bill Reider
#6 - Chris Birch (Manager)

Seated - Left to Right
#7 - Thomas
#8 - Middlecamp
? Unknown

Two Men in Front
#9 - Feest
#10 - Bill Birch - Catcher


  1. Joe Weyers name is actually spelled "Weyres."

  2. Thank you for noting the discrepancy for spelling the name "Weyers".
    I copied exactly the name noted on the photo. I also find that newspapers postings spell the name differently. I would like anyone searching family history for "Weyers" to know that the name may also be spelled "Weyres" on records.