Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Baseball Kenosha

Baseball "Kenosha"
Estimate date of photo around 1915 based of attached newspaper clippings
The only identification on this photo is a note on the back for "Christ Birch" who lived in Somers Township and also played on the Kenosha "Specials" team and the Somers Grey's team.
(Source:  Photo courtesy of Jim and Sharon Bose Smith.  Copyright 2012.  All Rights Reserved.)
Found in an envelope with the baseball photos, included newspaper clippings of baseball reports and scores.  Most of the clippings headlined "Kenosha Lake Shore Leaguers".  The newsclipping dates are April 26, 1915, May 15, 1915, and August 9, 1915.

Names of the players noted in the newsclipping for the "Kenosha Lake Shore Leaguers" listed were:
Haag, cf
Hoffman, rf
Zievers, 3b
Homer, 2b
Werve, ss (Somers)
Kehrber, 1b
Thomas, 1f (Somers)
Birch, c (Somers)
Meyers, p (Somers)

Also found in an envelope with the baseball photos was a newspaper clipping for the "Kenosha Regulars".
Players listed for the "Kenosha Regulars" in the newsclipping were:

Hollister, cf
Thomas, ss
Ziebers, 3b
Lawrence, 1b
Homer, 2b
Hoffman, 1f
Birch, c
Lindstrom, p
Hoar, rf

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