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Christian Friedrick and Louisa Klapproth Krueger
(Photo Source:  City and Kenosha County Record of Settlement by Frank H. Lyman, Vol. II, Chicago, S.J. Clarke 1916)

Christian Friedrich Krueger
C.F. Kreuger, who is a highly esteemed resident of Somers Township, has been identified with agricultural interests in Kenosha County for many years and is now living retired, having gained a competence by his well directed labors.  His birth occurred in Germany in 1837, and he received a good common school education that country.  Later he learned the wagon maker’s trade, which he followed successfully until he was thirty-one years of age, when, in 1868, he emigrated to the United States.  He at once made his way to the middle west and for four years worked at his trade in Racine, Wisconsin, at the end of which time he purchased sixty-three acres on Section 6, Somers Township, Kenosha County, where he has since resided.  In the meantime, however, he disposed of part of his land but still holds title to twenty-nine acres.  He has improved his farm in various ways and while actively engaged in agricultural pursuits he was recognized as one of the most progressive and most successful farmers of his locality.  He managed his business affairs well and practiced thrift and in time gained a competence that now enables him to enjoy a period of leisure.
In 1868 occurred the marriage of Mr. Krueger to Miss Louisa Klapproth and they became the parents of eight children but only three survive, namely Mathilde, (Tillie) now Mrs. Frank Linstroth, who has four children: Emma, now Mrs. William Scheckler, who resides in Racine and has three children; Herman F. who married Lydia Limper and is farming in Somers Township.
Mr. Krueger believes in the principles of the Republican Party but at local elections supports the best man irrespective of his political affiliation.  His religious faith in indicated by his membership on the Evangelical Association  and has many sterling traits of character have gained him the respect of all who know him.  The success which he has gained is due entirely to his own efforts as when he began his independent career he had neither capital nor influential friends.
(Source: City and Kenosha County Record of Settlement by Frank H. Lyman, Vol. II, Chicago, S.J. Clarke 1916)

C.F. Krueger and Louisa Klapproth Krueger Obituaries

Louise Klapproth Krueger Obituary
Newsclipping from personal collection of Jacqueline Klapproth Nelson

C.F. Kruger Obituary
Obituary newslipping from the personal collection of Jacqueline Klapproth Nelson
More About The Krueger Family
Louise Klapproth Krueger was born October 2, 1844 in Hannover/Brunswick Germany.  She was the daughter of Heinrich Christian Friedrich Klapproth and Hanne Justine Louise Christiane Pinnecke Klapproth of Germany.  Christian Friedrick Krueger was born February 13, 1837 in Germany.  C.F. and Louise were married in Germany May 12, 1868.

Children of C.F. and Louise Krueger: Birth records below from First Evangelical Church parish records.

Mathilde (Tille) Emilie Krueger, born August 24, 1869 in Racine.  She married Frank Linstroth October 20, 1892 at First Evangelical Church in Racine.  They had four children:  Friedrich Heinrich (Fred), Edward H., Gladice Louise (Gladys) and Frank Wesley.
Louise Ottolie Krueger, born October 23, 1870 in Racine.  Louise died February 21, 1891 of acute pharyngitist.  Buried in Mound Cemetery, Racine.
Herman Friedrich Krueger, born February 14, 1872 in Racine.  Herman married Lydia Sophia Limper about 1900 in Sheboygan.  They had four children: Edward Charles, Alice, George Leslie, and Grace Lydia.  Herman died of prostrate cancer with spread to lungs and spine on August 10, 1943 in Kenosha and is buried at Green Ridge Cemetery in Kenosha. 
Edward Hugo Krueger born September 5, 1873 in Racine.  He died at Berryville on October 27, 1897 and is buried in Mound Cemetery, Racine.
Emma Martha Krueger born July 15, 1875 in Racine.  She married William Scheckler March 8, 1894 at First Evangelical Church in Racine.  They had three children:  Guy and Myrtle (twins) and Edward.
Martha Helena Krueger born November 17, 1877 in Racine.  She died in Berryville on July 24, 1890 and is buried in Mound Cemetery in Racine.
Lydia Amalia Krueger born December 27, 1881 in Berryville.  Lydia married G. Walter Derby (also from Berryville) on September 18, 1906 at First Evangelical Church in Racine.  Witnesses for marriage were John Hansche and Hattie Krueger.  Lydia died age age 40, the same day as her infant son.
Hadwig (Hattie) Hermina Krueger born June 10, 1911 in Berryville.  Died at the age of 24 of pulmonary tuberculosis.  Buried in Mound Cemetery, Racine.
(Source:  Courthouse records, First Evangelical Church parish records researched and collected by Jacqueline Klapproth Nelson)

"The Ladies' Aid Society of Berryville will give an ice cream social at Krueger's Grove on Thursday evening, July 26, to which everybody is cordially invited."
(Source:  The Telegraph Courier, July 26, 1926)

"Mrs. Herman Krueger is spending some time with her daughter, Mrs. A. Kleunder, in Milwaukee.  Mrs. Tillie Lindstroth is staying at the Krueger home."
(Source:  Racine Journal Feb. 28, 1935)

Emma Martha Kruger Scheckler and William Scheckler Children
Guy and Myrtle were twins born October 3, 1895 in Mt. Pleasant, Racine County, Wisconsin.  Miss Myrtle Scheckler died January 1984.  Her last known address was Franksville, Wisconsin.
Guy B. Scheckler died 1938.
Edward W. was born Dec. 21, 1905.  He died Aug. 14, 1958 in Kenosha.  He married Bernice Rhode in 1928.

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