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1908 Partial Map of Somers Township
Section 6, H. Linstroth parcel
(Note:  Also is Section 6, parcel owned by H. Klapproth is relative and Section 6, parcel owned by C.F. Krueger is relative. See this web site for further information)

Frank and Matilda Krueger Linstroth October 20, 1892
(Photo: Courtesy of public site of kaybriggs53)
Frank Linstroth
Frank Linstroth, who is operating a farm on Section 6 in Somers Township was born upon that place on the 22d of September 1866, a son of Henry and Mary (Rapp) Linstroth, both natives of Germany.  The father, whose birth occurred on the 19th of July 1828 began working as a farm hand in his native country after completing his public school course.  He remained there until 1855, when he crossed the Atlantic to the United States and made his way to St. Louis, where he remained for a year.  At the end of that time he came to Kenosha County, Wisconsin where he lived during the remainder of his life.  He worked at the shoemaker's trade and also operated the forty-seven acres on which he lived.  He supported the Republican party at the polls and served as a member of both town and school boards.  In religious faith he was a German Lutheran and belonged to the church of that denomination at Racine, being one of its oldest members at the time of his demise.
He was married on the 12th of May, 1858 to Miss Mary Rapp, who survives and resides with our subject.  Mr. and Mrs. Henry Linstroth became the parents of five children:  Fred and Henry, deceased; Chris, who married Helen Rode and has three children; Frank, a twin of Chris, and one who died in infancy.
Frank Linstroth received his education in the common schools of Somers Township, which he attended until he was fifteen years of age.  From that time until his father's death he assisted the latter with the operation of the home farm, and he still resides upon that place, which he is now farming on his own account.  He keeps everything about the place in excellent condition and as he is enterprising and practical is meeting with gratifying success as an agriculturist.
Mr. Linstroth was married on the 20th of October 1892, to Miss Mathilda Krueger, and they have four children:  Fred, Edward, Gladys, who is attending business college, and Wesley, at home.  In religious faith he is a Methodist.
(Source:  City and County of Kenosha A Record of Settlement by Frank H. Lyman, Vol. II, Chicago, S.J. Clark Publishing Co., 1916)

More about Mathilda "Tillie" and Frank Linstroth
Date of Marriage"  October 20, 1892 at First Evangelical Church in Racine
Friedrich Heinrich (Fred) born September 25, 1893 in Racine
Edward H. born about 1897
Gladice Louise (Gladys) born January 31, 1899 in Somers
Frank Wesley born october 4, 1900 in Somers
(Source:  Personal Family History of Jacqueline Klapproth Nelson

1877 Partial Map of Somers Township
Herman Linstroth parcel, Section 6, Berryville
Note: Kenosha County Land Records state Henry Linstroth purchased acres February 21, 1856 and February 20, 1867, March 17, 1873, January 17, 1882, and October 22, 1886.

Linstroth and Rapp
Note:  See additional information about the Rapp family, who were neighbors of the Linstroth's on this web site.

Linstroth and Krueger
Note:  See additional information about the Krueger family, who were neighbors of the Linstroth's on this web site.

More About Linstroth
"The apron sale at the home of Mrs. Frank Linstroth of Berryville should be well attended as the proceeds are to go toward the payment of a piano recently purchased by the PTA of Berryville School."
(Source:  Racine Journal March 29, 1922)

"Wanted:  Onion weeder.  Take North Shore Line south to Berryville Road.  Good wages.  Fred Linstroth, farmer."
(Source:  Racine Journal June 14, 1919)

"Man leaves rig at Berryville after departing at night.  Queer actions.  Residents of Berryville reported the queer actions of a young man who drove into that place yesterday afternoon and left his horse and buggy at the farmhouse of Frank Linstroth.  The fellow took the first car that came along for Kenosha , saying that he was going to Kenosha first, then to Racine, and would be back after the outfit at 6 o’clock.  He failed to return last night and the rig was still there at 10 o’clock this morning, and the farmers are now wondering what has become of the owner.  Some are of the opinion that the outfit was stolen and abandoned and others that the owner came to this city, became intoxicated and forgot all about his property."
(Source:  Racine Journal October 31, 1907)

"Yesterday was a notable day in the lives of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Linstroth of Berryville, it being the fiftieth anniversary of their wedding day.  While they had made arrangements to spend the day in quiet at their home near the new electric line at Berryville, their son and friends had arranged differently and the celebration which was held came as a great surprise to the aged and popular couple.
Mr. and Mrs. Linstroth were united in marriage May 12, 1857 in the German Lutheran Church on Villa Street, the ceremony being performed by Rev. Jacob Conrad who was the pastor at that time.  To them were born two sons, Frank, of Berryville, and Chris of this city.  For fifty years they made their home on the farm where they now reside and regularly attended divine service at the church in this city.  Yesterday they attended the service in the morning and remained for the special service immediately after.  At this service attention was called to the fact that it was their golden wedding anniversary and they were congratulated by their many friends and acquaintances.
In the afternoon fifty of their local friends called on them at their home where a regular service was held, being conducted by Rev. Emil Wauther, who is taking the place of Rev. Conrad Jaeger, the regular pastor.  At this time a letter from Rev. Jaeger was read in which was contained his congratulations.  The residence was beautifully decorated with yellow flowers.  They were presented with a number of fine gold gifts, tokens of the high esteem in which they are held by their many friends, both in the city and county."
(Source:  Racine Journal May 13, 1907)

"Miss Gladys Linstroth, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Linstroth of Berryville, and Harold Smith, of Kenosha, were married Saturday afternoon, September 25.  L.M. Hargett performed the ceremony."
(Source:  Racine Journal September 29, 1920)

"Mr. and Mrs. Frank Linstroth of Berryville celebrated their 20 year wedding anniversary.  The high school orchestra furnished the music for the occasion.  The home was decorated in autumn leaves, flowers and leaves."
(Source:  Racine Journal October 24, 1912)

"On the 21st day of April 1910, Mr. Henry Linstroth of Berryville passed away at the age of 82."
(Source:  Racine Journal April 21, 1910)

"Mrs. Mary Linstroth, widow of the late Henry Linstroth, died at her home in Berryville, at 10 o'clock Saturday night at the age of 84 years and 6 months.  She was born in Germany in 1833 and came to this country when a young woman.  She was married on May 12, 1857 to Henry Linstroth.  Two of the four children survive:  Frank who is living on the homestead and Chris of Racine.  Mrs. Linstroth was a charter member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church on Villa Street in Racine.  She was a kind and loving wife and mother and a woman of a quiet-disposition."
(Source:  Racine Journal June 24, 1918)

Frank Linstroth Obituary
(Source:  Racine Journal cut out from personal collection of Jacqueline Klapproth Nelson)

Fred Linstroth
(Photo Source: Personal Collection of Jacqueline Klapproth Nelson. Copyright 2012. All Rights Reserved.)

Gladys Linstroth, circa 1917
(Photo Source:  Personal Collection of Jacqueline Klapproth Nelson.  Copyright 2012.  All Rights Reserved.)

Dutch Linstroth
(Photo Source: Personal Collection of Jacqueline Klapproth Nelson. Copyright 2012. All Rights Reserved.)

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