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Scheckler Mostly Somers-Some Racine

Gotlieb (John G.) Scheckler
 **Note: In researching the Scheckler family, census, military, maps, cemetery, newspaper and other sources all spell Scheckler differently which is why you may see unusual spellings.

J. Scheckler
(Source:  Photo courtesy of Richard Bovey)

Partial Map 1887 Somers Township, Kenosha County
Scheckler parcels Section 1 at 80 acres  and Section 7 at 26 acres

Gotlieb Scheckler was born about 1826 in Prussia
Mary Scheckler, his wife, was born in Prussia about 1824
Children of Gotlieb and Mary:
John G. born about 1851
Anna M. born about 1856
Ricka born about 1858
William born about 1861
August  born about 1864
Charles (this could be a misprint because Carl Scheckler was also born about 1866) born about 1866
(Source:  US Fed Census 1870.  Note in this census spelling of Schacckler)

Anna Mary Scheckler Kirchner (daughter of John and Anna)
(Source:  Photo by Bailey Family Tree public site at

Richard Edwin Kirchner and Anna Mary Scheckler Kirchner
Wedding September 8, 1886
(Photo Source:

About Ricka (Fredericka)
Fredericka Scheckler Halter
(Source:  Bailey Family Tree public site at

On  June 22, 1881, Henry Halter, son of Louis Halter, a cabinetmaker in Germany who came to America in the 1830's, married Miss Emma Swantz in 1881.  Emma died in 1882 at age twenty-two.  Mr. Halter married (second) in May 1891, Miss Fredericka Scheckler, daughter of John G. and Mary (Birch) Scheckler.  Two children have been born to this marriage, Edna, who married Harvey Hansche, and Frank.

Fredericka Scheckler Halter's parents were natives of Germany, and came to America in 1849, settling first in Chicago.  They then removed to Two Rivers, near Manitowoc, Wisconsin, residing there a short time after which they removed to Racine county, spending two or three years in Mt. Pleasant.  They then removed to Somers township where they reared their family, Mr. Scheckler owning a 110 acre farm there.  He is now seventy-nine years of age.  His wife passed away in 1894, aged seventy years, her death occurring on her birthday.  Both were brought up German Lutherans.  He served during the last year of the Civil War as a soldier.  They had these children:
Mary, the wife of Richard Kirchner of Kenosha County
Fredericka, the wife of Henry Halter of Mt. Pleasant
William of Caledonia Township, Racine County
August of Racine
Charles of Somers Township
(Source:  Commemorative Biographical Record of Prominent and Representative Men of Racine and Kenosha counties, J.H. Beers 1906)

Mrs. John Scheckler's 85th Birthday
December 6th marked the 85th birthday of Mrs. John Scheckler, one of the oldest and best known settlers of Berryville (lived on Lake Shore Road).  The event was held in her home.  When all had been seated for the evening meal, Mrs. Scheckler's oldest son, Ernest of Chicago, entered the dining room with a large birthday cake ornamented with red, white, and blue candles in the figure of 85.  As he carried it in, he offered this toast:  "Mother, you're another year older today.  Another year dearer, too.  Should you live to be 100 years, it would still be too few."
At Mrs. Scheckler's plate was a blooming plant sent by her daughter, Mrs. Elizabeth Near of Minneapolis who was unable to be present.  Many other beautiful gifts were evidences of loving remembrances.
Mrs. Scheckler came to this country in 1857 with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Hansche, her maiden name being Elizabeth Hansche.  They settled in the Township of Mt. Pleasant and in 1858 Mrs. Scheckler became united in marriage with John David Scheckler, whose death occurred in 1883.
Since her marriage, 51 years ago (about 1867), she has always resided on the same farm.  All of her seven children are living and have been very successful.  She is also the proud grandmother of 21 grandchildren and two great grandchildren.  The children who attended the reunion are Ernest G. and John H. Scheckler both of Chicago, Illinois; Mrs. C.H. (Minnie) Bradley, and Fred W. Scheckler of Racine; and George Scheckler, residing on the farm.  Mrs. Elizabeth Near of Minneapolis and William H. Scheckler of Davenport, Iowa were not in attendance.  Mrs. John Hansche of  Mt. Pleasant, sister of Mrs. Scheckler, was among the guests.
(Source:  Racine Journal Times, publication date December 10, 1918)

Seven Scheckler Children mentioned in article above
1880 U.S. Federal Census (note census spells last name differently)
John Shackler, born about 1838 in Wurtenburg, Germany.  (Died in Racine County Oct 3, 1883 according to Wisconsin Death Records.)
Eliza Shackler, wife, born about Dec, 6, 1835 in W. Phalia, Germany.
Fred Shackler, son.  Born 1862
John Shackler, son.  Born 1866
Minnie Shackler, daughter.  Born 1868
Willie Shackler, son.  Born 1871
George Shackler, son.  Born 1873
Ernst, son.  Lived in Chicago
Elizabeth M., daughter, born 1863, lived in Minnesota

John G. Shekler 1860  Census (same person as Gotlieb Scheckler)
John G. Shekler
Born about 1827 (similar to John G. Schacckler born about 1827 on 1870 census)
Birthplace:  Wurttemberg
Home in 1860:  Two Rivers, Manitowoc, Wisconsin
Spouse:  Anna M. born about 1826
Gotlieb born about 1851 (same birthdate as John G. (the son) Schacckler on 1880 census)
Philip born about 1853
Anna born about 1855 (similar to Anna M. born about 1856 on 1880 census)
Pauline born about 1859
(Source:  U.S. Federal Census 1860)

More About John G. Scheckler born about 1827
Civil War Record
John G. Schackler (spelling on this record)
Home in 1890:  Somers, Kenosha County, Wisconsin
Year Enlisted: 1865
Year Discharged: 1865
Rank:  Private
(Source:  Special Schedules of the 11th Census (1890) Enumerating Union Veterans and Widows of Union Veterans of the Civil War, Records of the Dept. of Veterans Affairs, Record Group 15

Burial Record - Mound Cemetery
John G. Scheckler
Civil War Veteran
Born:  1827
Place of  Death:  Kenosha County
Date of Death:  May 10, 1912 at the age of 85 years, 3 months and 25 days
(Source:  Mound Cemetery, Racine, Wisconsin)
(Additional Note:  Carl Scheckler also buried in Mound Cemetery)

About John G. Scheckler (son) born 1851
"The strange story of a man who has been missing from Kenosha County for more than 40 years and of whom not a single trace has been found in four decades was brought to light in the county court on Tuesday when Judge George Taylor handed down a formal order declaring that John Scheckler, formerly of the Town of Somers, and a son of the late John G. Scheckler, was "legally dead" and named Carl Scheckler, a brother, as administrator of the estate of the "dead" man.  The estate is valued at $2,500 and under the order of the court it will be divided between the brothers and sisters on the long missing man.
John Scheckler was 22 years of age when he disappeared from his father's home in the Town of Somers in 1873.  At the time he stated that he was going to some point in Michigan.  There had been no trouble between the son and the father, but he left Somers in order to seek a fortune in another state.  No word was ever heard from the son after he left his father's home."
(Source:  Racine Journal Times, publication date May 8, 1913)

Carl Scheckler born about 1866 (son of Gottlieb and Mary)

Partial Map of 1927 Town of somers, Kenosha County, Berryville area
Carl Scheckler Est.
Section 1 two parcels
Section 7 one parcel

About Carl Scheckler
Carl Scheckler, head of household, born about 1866
Somers Township, Kenosha County
Spouse:  Clara
Emory, born about 1897
Albert, born about 1905
(Source:  Wisconsin State Census 1905)

Carl Scheckler
Place of Death:  Racine, Wisconsin (St. Mary's Hospital)
Died November 17, 1924 at the age of 58 years, 10 months, and 13 days

Report of the Condition of
American National Bank, Racine, Wisconsin
Close of business on December 31, 1921
Total $824,715.26
Correct - - Attest:
E.F. Freeman
Carl Scheckler
Wm. C. Hood,
(Source:  Racine Journal News, publication date January 7, 1922)

In the matter of the Estate of Mary Pesch, Deceased
The application of Carl Scheckler, administrator of the estate of Mary Pesch, deceased, late of Racine in said county, for the examination and allowance of his final account, and for the assignment of the residue of the estate of said deceased to such persons as are by law entitled thereto, and that the court find and determine in whom the real estate owned by said deceased, vested upon the death of said deceased and for the determination and adjudication of the inheritance tax, if any, payable in said estate.
Dated January 31, A.D. 1922.
By the court, Walter C. Palmer, County Judge
(Source:  Racine Journal News February 8, 1922)

Emory Scheckler (son of Carl Scheckler)
Somers Township, Kenosha County
Spouse:  Helen Thompson Scheckler
Verna born about 1919 or 1920
Emory born about 1921
Hazel born about 1922..Married Lester Gitzlaff November 1, 1941.  Lester died April 13, 1980.
Esther born about 1924.  Married Kaiser.
Alice born about 1925.  Married Meyer.
Donald born about 1927
Richard date of birth unknown.  Richard mentioned in Hazel Clara Scheckler Gitzlaff obituary in 2010.
Lois born about 1929.  Married Neumiller.

Emory Scheckler and Helen Thompson Scheckler
(Source:  Photo courtesy of the children of Lois Scheckler Neumiller and Fred Neumiller)

Emory Scheckler and Helen Scheckler

Mrs. Helen Scheckler, 79 died at Memorial Hospital after an Illinois.  Survivors include three sons, Emory, Donald, and Richard, all of Kenosha; four daughters, Mrs. Lester (Hazel) Gitzlaff and Mrs. Herbert (Esther) Kaiser, both of Kenosha; Mrs. Paul (Alice) Meyer, Milwaukee; and Mrs. Fred (Lois) Neumiller, Sturtevant.  She was preceded in death by her husband, Emory, and a grandson, David Gitzlaff; and a daughter, Verna.
(Source:  Racine Journal, clipping had no date)

Emory Scheckler, 78, died at Memorial Hospital Saturday following a long illness.  Born in Racine on Feb. 15, 1897, he was the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Carl Scheckler.  He was a Kenosha resident for many years.
Mr. Scheckler was an area farmer for most of his life.
In 1918 Mr. Scheckler married Helen Thompson in Racine.
He was a member of the Taylor Avenue Church of the Nazarene.
(Source:  Racine Journal, clipping had no date)

About Fred W. Sheckler
BERRYVILLE (Kenosha County)
A Post Office in Somers Township, Berryville, on the Chicago & Northwestern Railway, 5-1/4 miles north of Kenosha, the nearest banking point, Tel W U, Mail daily, F.W. Sheckler, Postmaster.
Businesses who have mail delivered to Berryville Post Office:
Berryville Produce Co.
Dearsley W.D., Produce
Hansche, W.F. & Bros., Produce
Irving Thomas H., hay and sand
Piper Bros., Produce
Sheckler, F.W., General Store and Railway Agent.
(Source:  Smith's Business and Farmers Directory of Racine and Kenosha Counties for 1897-1898.  Edgar Smith, Publisher, Rock Island, Illinois 1897)

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