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Scheckler Mostly Racine-Some Somers

About Eliza (Mrs. John)
The 1920 U.S. Census shows Eliza Scheckler, age 86, widowed, living with her son George Scheckler, his wife Grace and children Irwin, Ethel in Mt. Pleasant, Racine County.

About Fred W. Scheckler
Lived in Mt. Pleasant or Racine
Fred W. Scheckler, born about 1862
Florance Scheckler, spouse, born about 1868
Bell F. Scheckler, daughter, born about 1886
Bertha G. Scheckler, daughter, born about 1888
Blanch M. Scheckler, daughter, born about 1893
Pearl Scheckler, daughter, born about 1905
(Source:  Census Reports for 1905, 1910, 1920, 1930)

1890 and 1892 City of Racine Directory
Frederick L. Scheckler, 1619 Winslow Ct., Occupation:  Butcher

About John Scheckler (son of John and Eliza Scheckler)
Lived in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois with wife Caroline G., born in Illinois in about 1872, and son Keith who was born about 1891 in Chicago, Cook County.  Keith Scheckler married Gertrude Nachtway September 23, 1916 in Cook County, Illinois
(Source:  Census reports for 1910, 1920, 1930 and Marriage Index for Cook County)

Keith Scheckler registered for the WWI Draft
Name:  Keith John Scheckler, 3134 Leland, Cook County
Born: January 9, 1891 at ElPaso, Illinois
Trade: Managed Real Estate Office at Northern Trust Co., 50 S. LaSalle St., Chicago
(Source:  The National Archives, WWI Registration Cards 1917-1918)
Keith died in DuPage County, Illinois October 10, 1995
(Source:  Social Security Death Index)

"Mrs. John Scheckler and son Keith have returned to their home in Chicago after enjoying a month's sojourn in Berryville."
(Source:  Racine Journal Times, publication date October 22, 1900)

About Elizabeth M. Scheckler Near (daughter of John and Eliza Scheckler
Elizabeth M. Scheckler, born in 1863.  She married in 1892 Mr. John Near, born about 1863, son of Jacob and Rachell Near, who lived in Racine, Wisconsin in 1870.  The lived in Alcester, Union, South Dakota in 1900, Algona, Kossuth, Iowa in 1925, and Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minn. in 1930.  Elizabeth and her husband John had two daughters:  Cleo Leone and Edith C.
(Source:  Census Reports for 1870, 1900, 1925, and 1930)

About Ernest G. Scheckler

Ernest Scheckler

Born:  May 30, 1862 at Berryville, Wisconsin
Parents:  John G. and Eliza Scheckler
Death:  May 5, 1922 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois
Buried:  Rosehill Cemetery
Spouse of Ernest G. Scheckler:  Kate
(Source:  Illinois Death Index 1916-1947)

Ernest Scheckler lived in Mt. Pleasant with his parents and siblings. (1870)
Ernest Scheckler lived in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois with his wife Tilda Scheckler and their children Ada and Harry. (1910)
Ernest Scheckler lived in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois with his wife Clotilda Scheckler. (1920)
(Source US Census for 1870, 1910, 1920)

"Mr. and Mrs. George Scheckler and family motored to Chicago last week to see Ernie Scheckler, who has been quite ill."
(Source:  Racine Journal Time publication date March 18, 1922)

About William H. Scheckler
Lived in Mt. Pleasant with parents and siblings. (1880)
Lived in Mt. Pleasant with his wife, Emma M. who was born July 1875 in Wisconsin.  They were married in 1894.  Two children:  a son, Guy born October 1894 and a daughter, Myrtil born October 1894. (1900)
Lived in Racine.  A third child was born 1906, a son, Edward W. (1910)
(Source:  Census Reports for 1880, 1900, and 1910)

About Guy Scheckler
"Guy Scheckler, who is attending Lawrence College, is spending a few days with his parents at 1415 Wisconsin Street."
(Source:  Racine Journal News, publication date April 14, 1915)

"Mrs. Thomas R. Williams of Lathrop Avenue entertained at a pretty party recently in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Guy R. Scheckler, formerly of Racine, but now of Crystal Falls, Michigan.  Mr. and Mrs. Scheckler were married only a short time ago.
The evening was pleasantly passed with music and games and a dainty luncheon was served.  In behalf of their friends, Mrs. Williams presented the young couple with a beautiful chest of silver.  At a late hour the guests departed wishing Mr. and Mrs. Scheckler a long life of happiness.
The bride is a popular young woman of this city and the groom is a representative of the Hans Buege law firm of Milwaukee.
(Source:  Racine Journal News, publication date December 5, 1917)

About William L. Scheckler
"Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Scheckler observed their wedding anniversary yesterday.  The house was handsomely decorated for the occasion.  The dining room  was decorated in lavender and white, and the living room in yellow, while the parlor was decorated in pink and green.  Among the out of town guests present were Mr. and Mrs. E.G. Scheckler, Mrs. J.H. Scheckler, Keith Scheckler of Chicago, Mr. and Mrs. H. Krueger.  Mrs. and Mrs. Scheckler were presented with many handsome gifts.  The music for the occasion was furnished by the John Carey orchestra.
(Source:  Racine Journal Times, publication date March 11, 1912)

"Says the Vincennes, Indiana Sunday Commercial, under date of November 7, 1915:  W.H. Scheckler and son, Guy, of Racine, Wisconsin, were in the city yesterday.  Mr. Scheckler and son are touring from their home to Miami, Florida where they will remain until next June.  They are making the trip in a Case 35 and report that they have had no trouble so far.  They say that the roads in Indiana are the best they have gone over on their journey.  Mr. Scheckler stated that he was in the city some four months ago looking after some real estate and that upon entering the city was hardly able to recognize it on account of the vast improvements which have taken place.  They left Sunday morning at an early hour for Evansville from which point they will continue their journey southward and if conditions are favorable they expect to reach their destination in about two weeks.
(Source: Racine Journal New, publication date November 10, 1915

About George Scheckler
Lived in Mt. Pleasant with parents and siblings. (1880)
Lived in Mt. Pleasant with his wife, Grace Scheckler.  Year Married 1900.  (1900)
Lived in Mt. Pleasant with his wife, Grace Scheckler and two children:  Irwin born 1901 and Ethel born 1903 and mother of George, Eliza Scheckler. (1910)
Lived in Mt. Pleasant.  Same as 1910.  (1920)
(Source:  Census Reports 1880, 1900, 1920, 1920)

More About George Scheckler
George Sheckler, son of John Sheckler, was born on the old family homestead in Mt. Pleasant township on January 14, 1873 and at the usual age entered the district schools, continuing his education there until he reached the age of sixteen.  He was a lad of but ten years when his father died and after his textbooks were put aside he worked on the old homestead and afterward took over the management of the property, upon which he has since lived, having thirty two acres of land which he devotes to truck gardening.  The vegetables which he produces are of fine size and quality and therefore find a ready sale on the market.  In all his business dealings he is thoroughly reliable, his transactions ever measuring up to honorable standards.
On the 8th of March 1900 Mr. Sheckler was married to Miss Grace Dearsley, daughter of William and Lena  (Wyman) Dearsley( also a pioneer of Berryville), and they have two children: Irwin and Ethel.  George Sheckler votes with the Republican party, has served as a member of the school board, and belongs to the Methodist Church.
(Source:  Racine:  Belle City of the Lakes and Racine County, Fanny Stone, Sup Editor, S.J. Clarke Publishing Co., 1916)

A.J. Scheckler and Minnie Hansche Wedding 

A. J. Scheckler and Minnie Hansche Scheckler
Wedding Photo - Date around 1890
(Source:  Photo courtesy of Richard Bovey)

A.J. Scheckler

A.J. Scheckler Meat Market, Racine, Wisconsin
(Photo Source:  Courtesy of Richard Bovey)

A.J. Scheckler, who has conducted a meat maket at the corner of Village and 13th Streets for the past 16 years has sold out the business to Terry & Turner.
(Source:  Racine Daily Journal September 17, 1907)

Scheckler Bros Meat Market
Scheckler, August (Scheckler Bros)
Scheckler, Charles (Scheckler Bros)
Meat Market 1310 Villa Street
(Source U.S. City Directory-Racine 1890-1895)

Alfred J. Hansche, the second son of Frederick J. Hansche, now occupies and cultivates the old home farm in connection with his brother, Samuel H. He was born in Mount Pleasant township, February 28, 1874, and attended the district schools until he reached the age of sixteen or seventeen years. He then went to Racine, where he was employed for nine years in the meat market of A. J. Sheckler but on the expiration of that period he returned to the home farm, of which he has since had charge in connection with his brother. They have carefully and systematically cultivated the place, which is largely devoted to the raising of vegetables, and for their product they find a ready sale on the market. The work is systematically and scientifically carried on. They have studied the needs of the soil, know where the best results can be achieved for each crop and their annual sales now amount to a large figure.

In 1904 Alfred J. Hansche was married to Miss Jennie Bose, a daughter of William F. And Nellie (Breaid) Bose. Two children have been born to this marriage, Dorothy and George, who are with their parents on the old homestead, and in the community the family is regarded most highly, occupying a position of prominence and influence. In his political views Mr. Hansche is an earnest republican, while his religious faith is that of the Methodist Episcopal church. His record, like that of the others of the Hansche family, is most creditable and through more than half a century the Hansches have borne a helpful and important part in the work of developing and improving this section of the state.
VOLUME II Record of Settlement, Organization, Progress and Achievement

Wisconsin Cereal Food Co., Inc.
A.J. Scheckler, Vice President of Wisconsin Cereal Food Co., Inc.  Est 1908.  134 Main Street, Racine, Wisconsin.  (Source:  Racine, Wisconsin City Directory, 1914)

We, the undersigned butchers of the City of Racine, hereby agree to keep our places of business closed Sundays from and after December 2, 1899 until April 1, 1900.
George A. Hansche
A.J. Scheckler
(additional names not listed because they are not relavent to Scheckler)
(Source:  Racine Daily Journal November 29, 1899)

Architect Flegel has just completed plans for remodeling 1313 and 1315 Village Street, store, into modern flats for A.J. Scheckler.
(Source:  Racine Daily Journal August 9, 1905)

"Before leaving Germany, Frederick J. Hansche was married to Miss Fredricka Tigges and to them were born six children:
George, who is living in Polk County, Wisconsin
Minnie, the wife of A.J. Scheckler, a resident of Racine
Emma, deceased
Alfred J.
Samuel H.
Eda, the wife of P.J. Meyers of Racine"**see below
(Source:  Racine, Belle City of the Lakes, Published by S.J. Clark, Chicago, 1916)

A.J. Scheckler is Offered $18,000 for Property
It was reported this  morning that A.J. Scheckler, owner of the old Star Mill property, corner of Main and Second Streets, had been offered $18,000 for the property.  Mr. Scheckler was called up by telephone and admitted that an offer was made for the building, but he refused to tell by whom, or what was offered.  He further said that the property was not for sale.  The belief prevails that the Hamilton-Beach Co. are the parties who made the offer.  The company is looking for a central location and in case they secure it intend to erect a modern factory building.
(Source:  Racine Daily News, publication date August 18, 1911)

For Rent: One or two floors of the old Star Mill, suitable for factory purposes or wholesale house.  Will rent all four floors.  Good basement.  Inquire A.J. Scheckler, 1301 Villa Street
(Source:  Racine Daily Journal)

About Carl Scheckler
"In 1859 Mr. Rudolph Hansche was married to Miss Anna Seorgel and they had nine children:
Sophia, the wife of Norbert Brabher of Mt. Pleasant
Eliza (Mrs. William Piper
George, married Lucy Olle
Fred William
Katherine who married Anton Lund, living in Mt. Pleasant,
William J. married and resides in Racine County
Clara, married Carl Scheckler and resides in Kenosha County
Ernest who married Marie Jorgensen"
(Source:  Racine, Belle City of the Lakes, S.J. Clark, Chicago 1916)

About Ernest Scheckler
"William C. Hansche was united in marriage in 1860 to Miss Mary Heck.  Five children were born to this union:
William F.
Katie who married Ernest Scheckler
Sophia who married Augustus J. Piper"
(Source:  Racine, Belle City of the Lake, S.J. Clark, Chicago, 1916)

About Edward Scheckler
Mrs. Edward Scheckler, Lake Shore Road, entertained a few friends at tea at her home yesterday afternoon complimentary to her sister, Miss Mary Rhodes, who is leaving for Madison soon to continue her studies at the University of  Wisconsin.  Tea was served at 5:00 o'clock.  Mrs. Scheckler poured.
(Source:  Racine Journal Sept 6, 1929)

About John Sheckler (note spelling on this document)
"For twenty-seven years John Sheckler was actively identified with farming interests in Racine county, where he took up his abode in 1856.  He was born in Germany in 1836 and after acquiring a common school education in that country came to the United States at the age of twenty years, hoping that might enjoy and benefit by some of the advantages which he heard were offered in the new world to young men of enterprise and industry.  He made his way at once to the county and took up the occupation of farming, in which he was actively engaged to the time of his demise, making his home in Mt. Pleasant township, where he brought his fields to a high state of cultivation, transforming his land into a rich and productive tract.
In 1859 Mr. Scheckler was married to Miss Elizabeth Hansche, a daughter of Ernest and Kathrina Hansche, who were early settlers of this county.  Mr. and Mrs. Sheckler became the parents of seven children, namely:  Ernest, Fred, Elizabeth, John, Minnie, William and George.  In his political views Mr. Sheckler was a Republican, supporting the party from the time that he became a naturalized American citizen.  His religious faith was evidenced in his membership in the Methodist Episcopal Church.  He was a believer in the public school system and for three years served on the school board, doing everything in his power to make the school in his district one which would be of value in preparing young people for life's practical and responsible duties.  He died on the 2d of January 1883, at the comparatively early age of forty-seven years, but left a family to continue the good work which he had begun.
(Source:  Racine:  Belle City of the Lakes and Racine County, Fanny Stone, Sup Editor, S.J. Clark Publishing Co., 1916)

William Scheckler Photo

William Scheckler
(Source:  Photo by Bailey Family Tree public site on

About Clara Hansche Scheckler
The Wisconsin Birth and Christenings Index 1826-1908 for Albert Wesley Scheckler, born October 22, 1903, lists his father as Carl Scheckler and mother as Clara Hansche Scheckler.
Clara's Family:
Father: Eberhard Rudolph Hansche and mother Anna Soergel of Mt. Pleasant.  Children are:
Sophia born about 1860.  Married Norbert Grabher of Mt. Pleasant.
Eliza born about 1861.  Married William Piper.
George born about 1862.  Married Lucy Olle.
Fredrick Wilhelm born about 1863
Katherine.  Married Anton Lund of Mt. Pleasant.
William Jacob born about 1867.  Resides in Racine County.
Clara Helena born about 1868.  Married Carl Scheckler
Charlette (Lotte) born about 1870
Ernst Rudolph born about 1873.  Married Marie Jorgensen.
(Source for Rudolph Hansche:  Racine Belle City of the Lakes, published S.J. Clark, Chicago 1916)

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  1. Thank you for this resource! I have been struggling to find Myrtle (Guy) Scheckler's maiden name. I only knew her parents were Danish and she was born in 1895. The news clipping about the party made me look up the hosts, whose neighbors turned out to be Danes with a daughter Myrtle born in 1895