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1927 Map of Somers Township, Kenosha County
Section 12
J. Huck has two parcels
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 Joseph Huck
Among the well-to-do and progressive farmers of Somers Township is Joseph Huck, whose birth occurred in Kenosha on the 21st of June, 1857.  His father, August Huck, was born in Alsace-Lorraine, then a part of France, on the 18th of August, 1829.  He received his education in the common schools and after putting aside his textbooks continued to reside in his native land for some time but in 1851 emigrated to Canada.
A year later he located in Kenosha, and for sixteen years he engaged in teaming in the city of Kenosha.  For six years he superintended the Mincenberger farm and at the end of that time purchased one hundred and thirty-four acres in Somers Township, where he has since resided.  He has carefully conserved the fertility of the soil, has made many  improvements upon the place and has kept everything in excellent condition, and the farm is one of the most valuable properties of his locality.  He has reached the advance age of eighty seven years but still enjoys good health.  He was married in 1854, to Miss Mary Klingler, also a native of Alsace-Lorraine.
Joseph Huck entered St. George's Catholic School of Kenosha at the usual age and continued his education there until he was thirteen years old, when he became a pupil in the country schools in Pleasant Prairie Township.  Three years later he put aside his textbooks and from that time until he was forty years of age he worked with his father, August.  In 1895 he purchased fifty acres of good land on Section 12 on which he has since resided.  He has made all of the improvements upon the place and has brought it to a high state of development.
Mr. Huck was married on the 16th of February 1880 to Miss Mary Schackamuth, a daughter of Nicholas Schackamuth (Section 24 Somers Township).  Three children have been born to this union, namely:  Mamie, who is Mrs. Frank Lichter; William, who is assisting in the operation of the home farm; and Alexander, also at home.
(Source:  City and County Kenosha, Wisconsin Record of Settlement by Frank H. Lyman, Vol. II, Chicago, The S.J. Clarke Publishing Co., 1916)

About August Huck
August J. Huck, living on Section 24,  Somers Township, is a representative of one of the old families of Kenosha County.  His birth occurred in Pleasant Prairie Township, March 3, 1872.  His father, August Huck, was born in Alsace-Lorraine in 1829 and acquired a common school education.  When twenty-one years of age he resolved to try his fortune in the new world and, crossing the Atlantic on one of the old-time sailing vessels, landed in Canada, where he remained for a year.  The succeeding year was spent in the state of New York and in 1851 he arrived in Kenosha County, where he secured the position of teamster with John Bullen, who was the first settler in Southport.  He occupied that position of five years.  His entire life has been characterized by indefatigable industry and he has used every opportunity that would enable him to work his way upward.  In 1876, with the capital acquired through industry and frugality. He purchased one hundred and thirty-four acres of land on Section 24, Somers Township, and upon that farm has since resided.  His labors wrought marked changes in the appearance of the place, which he converted into a highly productive farm, adding thereto many modern improvements.
In 1860 Mr. Huck was joined i wedlock to Miss Mary Anna Klingler, by whom he had seven children, as follows:  Joe; Mary; Michael, who is deceased; Margaret; Annie, who has also passed away; Katie; and August.  There are also three grandchildren.  Mrs. Huck passed away in 1913 and was laid to rest in St. George Cemetery in Kenosha.  Mr. Huck came to the United States empty-handed, possessing as his capital only industry and perseverance and the hope that he might win success here.  His progress in due entirely to his own efforts and his prosperity proves what may be accomplished when energy and perseverance lead the way.  His son and namesake, August J. Huck, now has charge of the home far, which he is carefully and systematically cultivating, thereby winning deserved success.

Section 24 Township of Somers
August Huck parcel

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