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Peter M. Anderson
Peter M. Anderson was engaged in the buying and selling of produce in the Village of Somers as a member of the Somers Produce Company, of which he was the organizer, was born in Denmark, September 22, 1868, a son of Hans Peter and Anna Marie Anderson.  Peter Anderson did not believe the business advantages and opportunities there offered were equal to those that he might secure in the new world and at the age of 18 years he came to the U.S. and penetrated into the interior of the country, reaching Racine county.
For 3 years he was employed as a farm hand, (census reports show he worked for local farmers, Braid and Hansche who owned parcels in the Berryville neighborhood of Somers) after which he rented 80 acres, continuing its cultivation for 2 years.  He afterward rented more land, upon which he lived for 3 years.  All during these periods he had the desire of owning a farm and he carefully saved his earnings until his industry and frugality had brought him sufficient capital to enable him to purchase 80 acres.  He invested in a tract east of Corliss (Sturtevant) where he lived and then sold out.  He then bought 80 acres near Somers and engaged in farming for 8 years.  Subsequently he built a fine home in Somers where he lived for 7 years.  During this period he engaged in buying cabbage and other produce and organized the Somers Produce Company with M.A. Rasmussen and J.J. Barrows.
On January 13, 1891 he married Miss Henrietta Felske.  They had 3 children: Lawrence who was station agent at Franksville, Wisconsin, Lillian who married L.J. Gould of Somers, and Myrtle.
Mr. Anderson’s name is on the membership of the Woodmen camp at Somers, in which he held most of the offices.  He was also involved with the Royal Neighbors Lodge at Somers the Masonic fraternity in Kenosha.  He advanced to the Knights Templar degree.  He served for one term as Somers Town Treasurer in addition to the local school board.
He landed in Racine with only fifty cents in his pocket and paid that to a liveryman to take him into the country.  Thus he literally began life here empty-handed, but energy and determination stood him in good stead and served as the capital on which he built his later success.
(Source: Kenosha City and County Record of Settlement by Frank h. Lyman, Vol II, Chicago, S.J. Clark Publishing Co. 1916)

More about Peter M. Anderson
1.  See posting of "Houses of Somers" and "Barns of Somers" in this blog.
2.  The house of Peter M. Anderson was built by B.F. Yule.  See Yule posting in this blog.
3.  The house of Peter M. Anderson is currently owned and beautifully restored by Mr. Yule's family.
4.  The 1930 U.S. Census shows the Peter M. Anderson family lived in California.  Peter M. Anderson died November 27, 1944 in Burbank, California and is buried at Grandview Cemetery in Glendale, California.
5.  See posting of "Village" on this blog to locate Anderson house.  Take note that Gould's were neighbors.
6.  P.M. Anderson sold his business at Corliss to Bauman & Murphy of Racine.  (Source:  Racine Journal January 25, 1910).

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