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Partial 1887 map of Somers Township, Kenosha County
Section 2, Corbett parcel
Also note that Corbett parcel is located on "Corbett Road"
Click on map for detail view.

Thomas H. Corbett
Thomas H. Corbett, living on Section 2, Somers Township, where he is systematically and successfully engaged in general farming, was born on the isle of Guernsey, September 12, 1858, a son of Thomas and Margaret (Dorey) Corbett, who were also natives of that place. There they resided until 1870, when they south the opportunities offered in the new world and crossed the Atlantic to the United States. For three years they were residents of Racine County and then came to Kenosha County. The father started here with ten acres of land and at the time he retired from active business he was the owner of eighty-one and a quarter acres of valuable land, constituting a rich and productive property. Mr. Corbett exercised his right of franchise in support of the man and measures of the Republican party and in his religious faith was a Methodist.
Thomas J. Corbett, an only child, acquired his education in the public schools of Racine and after putting aside his textbooks began working with his father and has since concentrated his energies upon the task of keeping the farm up to a high standard. He works diligently in cultivating and improving the fields, and everything about the place indicates his careful supervision and practical methods.
On the 12th of April, 1891, Mr. Corbett was married to Miss Ada Brache, a daughter of Thomas and Julia (Bichard) Brache. They have become the parents of a son, Everett Thomas, who married Louise Hendrickson, a daughter of John Hendrickson, of Racine. Mr. and Mrs. Corbett have recently celebrated their silver wedding and the pleasant occasion was attended by people from Chicago and Racine, as well as from the surrounding country. There were the recipients of a number of most beautiful presents and the affair was one long to be remembered. They occupy a beautiful little home which is the abode of warm-hearted hospitality, its doors being ever open for the reception of their many friends.
Mr. Corbett gives his political allegiance to the Republican party, and both he and his wife attend the Methodist church, supporting all those principles and teachings which work for the uplift of the individual and promote the recognition of his duties and obligations to his fellowmen
(Source: City and County of Kenosha, Wisconsin, A Record of Settlement, Vol. II, pages 536-537, Frank H. Lyman, Chicago, The S.J. Clark Publishing Co. 1916.)

"Tom Corbett, Jr. has purchased 15 acres of land from John Feest."
(Source:  Racine Journal, Mar. 2, 1909)

"James Due, of Racine, is building the foundation for Thomas Corbett's new barn."
(Source:  Racine Journal, Sept. 15, 1914

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