Monday, April 15, 2013

Woodward, Betsy

Partial 1908 Map of Somers Township, Kenosha County, Wisconsin
This official map shows Betsy Woodworth owns 50 acres of Section 6, This is an error according to a descendant of the family.  The correct name of the person who owned the property should be Betsey Molyneux Collier Woodward.

Henry Woodward was born at Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire, England on March 12, 1853 to William and Betsey (Collier) Woodward.  His wife, Elizabeth (Betsy) Mathers was born at Bolton, England on April 30, 1854.  They came to America in 1883 and lived with Richard and Martha Collier on a farm in Section 6, Somers Township, Kenosha County.  Henry and Betsy had seven children, 6 boys and one girl.  Henry died May 20, 1903 and Betsy died Feb. 2, 1937.

Children of Henry and Betsy Woodward
James - born Dec. 22, 1873 at Bolton, Lancashire, England.  James and his 2 wives are buried at Sylvania Cemetery in Yorkville Township, Racine County.
William - born Dec. 8, 1875 at Bolton, Lancashire, England.  Died March 28, 1924. Never married.  Buried at Sylvania Cemetery.
John Woodward - born Oct. 29, 1878 at Bolton, Lancashire, England.  Married to Wilhelmina (Minnie) Heidersdorf, daughter of Christian and Margaret Heidersdorf (neighbors) Dec. 1, 1922.  Died May 23, 1950.  Buried at West Lawn Cemetery, Racine County.
Margaret Woodward - born May 14, 1884, married to Otto Melcher. No children.  Buried at Sylvania.
Thomas Woodward - born Feb. 29, 1888 at Sylvania (twin died in infancy). Married. Died on Feb. 21, 1973 and buried at West Lawn Cemetery.
Richard - born April 26, 1890 at Sylvania.
Fred - born Nov. 29, 1894 in Wisconsin.  Died 1979. Never married.  Buried at Sylvania.

Richard's son, Vernon Donald Woodward, born May 2, 1929 lived on the Woodward farm in Section 6, Somers Topwnship.

James' son, Earl Woodward, married Frances Glad Peterson who was born at  Uncle Knud Hansen's home in Somers Township.

(Source:  Mary Anne Falk, April 1991, Sylvania Cemetery Board of Trustees)


  1. My name is Mary Anne Falk. I see that you have quoted me on the Betsy Woodward information. I would like to clear up the listing on the map that is connected to Betsy Woodward's section. The Betsy Woodworth on the map refers to Betsy Collier Woodward, daughter of Richard Collier. Richard Collier originally owned this property and Betsy inherited the farm after her father died. There is also another Betsy Mather Woodward, wife of Henry Woodward. This Betsy Woodward was Betsy Collier Woodward's daughter-in-law, married to Betsy's son Henry.

  2. In the 1908 map above, Betsy Woodward (widow of Henry Woodward) did NOT own this property. The property was owned by her mother-in-law, Betsey Molyneux Collier Woodward. The post on this website is absolutely INCORRECT. Mary Ann Falk's comment above is accurate. I am a descendant and would like the record cleared up.

  3. To the readers of this website,
    I thank all family members for contacting me when they find errors on this site. To those of you who research family history, you know that public information can have errors. When I post information I have no choice but to post the documentation I have at the time. I have found situations where the names on the official maps for Kenosha County have been not spelled correctly, sometimes causing confusion. In this case, there was confusion as to the property owner and the last name on the map was Woodworth and not Woodward.

    Thank you to "Anonymous" for taking the time to request the correction.