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Central Park

Farmers Stage Tri-County Meet
Representatives of Wisconsin Political Parties Address Picnic Group
Approximately 300 farmers from Racine, Walworth and Kenosha attended a picnic at Central Park, Somers,  yesterday and took part in a program of games and contests.  A series of addresses were presented to the group by representatives of the major political parties of the state.
During the forenoon hours, yesterday, an extensive program of picnic games and contests was held.  The features of the afternoon picnic program were the services of speeches and a baseball game.  The evening was devoted to music and dancing in the pavilion at the park.
(Source:  Racine Journal, August 30, 1934)

Central Park May Be Closed
Town of Somers Voted Against Liquor License at Tuesday Election
Officers of the Town Say the Park Must Close
One of the Most Popular Resorts in This Section of the County
About $10,000 Improvements Have Been Made
"Central Park, one of the best known resorts in this section of the country, located on the Lakeshore Road, between Racine and Kenosha, will in all probability be closed, so far as the selling of intoxicating liquors is concerned.
The Park is located in the Town of Somers, Kenosha County.  At the election on Tuesday the question of license or no license was submitted to the voters.  No license was carried by 34 votes, which was a great surprise to those in favor of beer.
One of the officers of the town said yesterday that Central Park would be closed so far as the selling of beer was concerned, or any kind of intoxicating liquors, and perhaps it would be closed to the holding of amusements and wrestling matches on Sunday.  In view of the large majority against the sale of liquor in the Town it was determined to stop it at all hazards and it is claimed that more liquor was sold at the Park than in the whole town combined.
The buildings on the Park were built and the place opened by Peter Steinbach some years ago.  Mr. Steinbach had considerable trouble and his health failed.  For a time he was confined in a private asylum, but he recovered and is again in business.
The handsome park is now owned by Mr. Steinbach and the Schlitz Brewing Company of Milwaukee.  It is estimated that the improvements put in cost something over $10,000.00.
A report reaches the city that Mr. Steinbach has stated that he will continue to run the Park and  dispose, of liquor as heretofore, and that if arrested the case will be fought in the courts to the bitter end.
Hundreds of people, both in Racine and Kenosha counties, will be much interested in the affair, for nearly all of the large societies generally lease the Park for mid-summer picnics and large gatherings."
(Source:  Racine Daily, publication date April 3, 1902)

Partial 1908 Somers Township Map
Central Park, Somers Township, Kenosha County

Batting Averages of Central Park Leagues
A number of baseball fans werre asking some of the managers of the Central Park League how the batting averages stand.  At that time not much of a record was kept, but during the last six weeks the following averages were reported.
(Note:  Somers listed only - list does not include other teams)
Irving, Somers Greys, 342
Morin, Somers Greys, 334
W. Thomas, Somers Greys, 304
Wood, Somers Greys, 300
H. Gascoyne, Somers, 204
F. Gascoyne, Somers, 224
A. Werve, Somers Greys, 278
G. Werve, Somers Greys, 211
G. Thomas, Somers Greys, 278
Rice, Somers, 182
Nelson, Somers, 178
Braid, Somers Greys, 173
Birch, Somers Greys, 161
Dorey, Somers Greys, 220
Drissel, Somers, 257
Tabbert, Somers, 247
Ford, Somers, 230
(Source:  Racine Daily, publication date August 24, 1907)

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