Friday, March 9, 2012

Unknown People

Do you recognize anyone in these photos?
You may find your family here!
This posting has been created for photographs of Somers Township pioneers that are not marked OR
you found photos identified of pioneer families (not related) and you don't know what to do with them.
You may recognize one person but not the others.  You may recognize the farmhouse or barn but not the people.  You may recognize the school, church, or landscape, but not the people.  It may be a photo that you believe is a family that lived near your grandparents or parents or extended family.  Remember, a high majority of pioneer families married neighbors.
You can help build our Somers Pioneer family album!

Scan your photo and save in a jpg file.
Email to me (Jackie Klapproth Nelson) at
All photos will show a caption indicating your name and the pioneer family name(s).
         PS.  Thanks to Robert Swartz who gave me this idea.

Photo emailed to Jackie May 24, 2012.
Photo submitted by Susan T.

Email message to Jackie:  "I was going through some old family photographs and found this one.  My great aunt had written the following next to the picture "August 20, 1916. Taken at Calls; Corliss, Wisconsin".  I do not know who this person is but perhaps someone can identify.  Family names that may be associated with the person in the photo are Graff/Graff & McDowell.  Also, I have some Boelter family photo's in the same album but they state they are from Caldwell, Wisconsin."

Email message to Jackie Feb. 2013.  "I found a family by the name of James W. Call & Mary nee Jones in the 1900 federal census.  They lived in Mt. Pleasant town, south side. They had the following children: Nellie Born: July 1889, Estella Loru (Lora) Born: May 1893 seems to have married John Charles Mau or Moss Thomas W. Born July 1896 in Somers, WI
Maybe this will help someone identify the man in the picture?

Photo emailed to Jackie May 28, 2012 from Robert Swartz
This photo is believed to be of Wood Road School.
We are hoping someone will recognize these boys.

Men fishing in pond.
John F. Swartz in one of the men to it is clearly a Swartz Nursery project.  Robert Swartz cannot identify the other men but because many of the workers were local men, there may be someone who would recognize their grandfather or uncle.
Click on photo for larger view.
Photo submitted by Robert Swartz
Photo was found: Swartz or Pedley family albums in Somers Township

Photo submitted by Robert Swartz
Click on photo for larger view.
Photo was found:  Swartz or Pedley family albums in Somers Township

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