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Timely Twenty Card Clubs in Somers

The Timely Twenty Club
Back Row L to R: Lura Rider, Louise Thomas, Eva Robinson, Millie Lotz, Audrey Bose, Catherine Feest, Lucy Lichter, Mrs. Lippert (Millie and Julia's mother)
Front Row L to R: Julia Feest, Thora Smith, Kate Broesch, Sadie Thomas, Lou Rider, Laura Iorns
Somers Township
Photo taken at the home of Louise Rider on October 11, 1951
(Source:  Original photo courtesy of the Robert Thomas Family)
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Timely Twenty Club
Each month a posting in the "Neighborhood News", such as the one listed below, would report on the monthly meeting, host location, and winners.
"Mrs. John Lichter was hostess to the Timely Twenty Club on Thursday afternoon at three tables of 500, honors going to Mmes. William Cameron, Samuel Smith, and Roy Swartz.  Guests were Mrs. Arthur Lichter and friends, Mmes. Everett Yule and Frank Witscheber.  Lunch was served.  The Club day has been changed from the second Thursday to the third Thursday."  (Source:  Racine Journal, May 13, 1935)

The Timely Twenty Club was a social club represented by a group of neighborhood ladies for the purpose of playing the card game "500".  Each month a different lady would hostess the event at her home which also included a luncheon.  The Timely Twenty Club members shown in the photo above were primarily from the Wood Road/Berryville area of Somers Township. 

Other "500" clubs were active in Somers Township.  For example, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Barrows were host and hostess to the Royal Neighbor Five Hundred Card Club.  Four tables were played on Thursday evening as reported by the Racine Journal on July 5, 1934.  Also reported by the Racine Journal on March 31, 1933, "The Royal Neighbors Five Hundred Club and their husbands met with Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Jensen on Thusday evening in celebration of the 25th anniversary of their marriage.  Nine tables of 500 were played.  Mr. and Mrs. Jensen were presented a purse of gold.  A delicious lunch was served.
Schafaskopf was also played in Somers.  "Mrs. Millie Feest and sons, Joseph and Richard, Ed Lotz, Mr. and Mrs. Loe Lotz and family and Sylvester Feest and Children were supper guests on Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Lippert.  The evening was spent playing Schafaskopf as reported by the Racine Journal on January 1, 1933.
Card playing was a social activity as early as reported in the Racine Journal on February 11, 1909, "Mr. and Mrs. John Feest gave a party at their home on Berryville Road.  Cards were played.  The ladies' prizes were won by Miss B.L. Moran, Mrs. Sadie Thomas and gentleman's by Mr. Joe Feest. Mr. John Feest, Mr. Corbett and P. Thomas".
"There will be a balloon dance at the Old Time Dance club on the Lake Shore Road in Berryville on Wednesday evening.  Cards and dancing.  Music furnished by the Southern Wisconsin Old Timers.  Every Wednesday night and Saturday night the dances are public." (Racine Journal October 2, 1932)

The card game "500" was primarily a social card game, created before 1900 and highly popular until about the 1920's when Bridge surpassed it.  The game can be played by two to six players but the most common form is four players in partnership.  The game is an extension of Euchre.  "500" focuses on trick taking.  The goal is for the team who wins the bid to take at least as many tricks as they bid.  A team wins the game by scoring at least 500 points.

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