Monday, February 20, 2012

Bisher, John

(Source:  Photo courtesy of City and County of Kenosha, Vol. II, S.J. Clarke Publishing Co., 1916)
John Bisher
"John Bisher, who is one of the most esteemed residents of Somers Township, has reached the advanced age of eighty-seven years and can look back upon a long life of honorable and useful activity.  He followed the carpenter's trade for twenty-five years and was known as a skilled and conscientious worker.  He is also entitled to mention as a veteran of the Civil War, having served throughout the entire conflict.
Mr. Bisher was born on the Isle of Guernsey, in the English Channel, in April, 1829, a son of Peter and Mary Bisher.  He received a common school education there but when fourteen years of age came to the United States and located in Kenosha County, Wisconsin.  For a number of years he worked as a farm hand, but in 1861 he proved his loyalty to his adopted country by enlisting in the Union Army, becoming a member of Company B, Seventeenth Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry.  He was at the front with that command for four years and took part in a great deal of hard fighting.  After being mustered out of the Army he returned to Kenosha County and for a quarter of a century he worked at carpentering.  He erected many residences in the county, and, as he managed his business affairs well, his capital grew steadily.  At length he retired from active life and is now residing on twenty-two acres of land which he owns in Somers Township and is enjoying a well deserved leisure.
In 1876 Mr. Bisher married Miss Annie Lawson.  He supports the Republican Party at the polls and is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, whose teachings have guided his life.  He began providing for his own support at an early age and throughout his active career was dependent entirely upon his own efforts for success.  He is widely known and the honor in which he is held is fully deserved as he has measured up to high standards of morality in all relations of life. 
(Source: Photo courtesy of City and County of Kenosha, Vol. II, S.J. Clarke Publishing Co., 1916)

15 acre parcel located south side of Berryville Road just east of the North Shore RR across street from Lindstoth

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