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Bullamore Forks School

School District No. 8 - Bullamore Forks
"The early history of this school is not available, but in a review we find that the first building was constructed by James Petrie about 1850 and the substantial building served the district some eighty years when it was sold and moved a short distance away and remodeled into a dwelling house.
In 1929 a new two-room modern red brick building was erected on the original site and accommodates some 90 pupils.
John Umland served the district as its clerk for twenty years.
Among the earlier students were the seven Flett brothers.  James taught school many years.  David studied law and later was appointed Judge of the first Municipal Court, Racine.  George was, for many years, a minister in the Presbyterian Church.  Charles followed teaching for some years, later studying medicine, locating in Milbank, South Dakota.  Among other students were the Winslow's, the Hermann's, the Bullamore's, the Eick's, the Murray's, and the Ozanne's."
(Source: My Memoirs, by Minnie A.G. Ozanne.  Copyright 1948--Minnie A.G. Ozanne.  All Rights Reserved.)

Kids at Bullamore Forks School, about 1924.
The boy in the back on the extreme right is Oren S. Bullamore, born 1912.
If anyone can identify any other children in this photo, please click here to email Jackie.
(Source: Original Photo Courtesy of Robert Swartz.)

Bullamore Forks School, Town of Somers
Bullamore Forks neighborhood was a "v" on Highway 158
Teacher on the right is Ione Smith Kreamer (sister of Merlyn Smith)
Photo taken September 15, 1939
(Photo courtesy of Jim smith)

Kids at Bullamore Forks School, about 1920.
Lucille (Bullamore) Swartz is the 3rd from the right, in a big hat.
Allan Bullamore is front, ceneter.
(Source:  Original Photo Courtesy of Robert Swartz.)

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