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John and Mary Bose Wensing
(Source:  Photo courtesy of Jim and Sharon Bose Smith.  Copyright 2012.  All Rights Reserved.)

Partial 1887 Map of Somers Township
Section 7, Wm. Bose 160 acre parcels shows J. Wensing renting 58 acres along railroad. 
John Wensing was born December 1840 in Westfalen, Germany.  He was the son of Gerhard and Maria Anna Elizabeth (known as Elizabeth on all census records)  Huning Wensing.  John's parents, Gerhard and Elizabeth were married in Westfalen November 15, 1846.  Gerhard and Elizabeth departed Antwerp, Belgium August 1856 with their five children, arrived at the Port of New York, and proceeded to Wisconsin.

Passenger List
Gerhard and Elizabeth Wensing family
Departed Antwerp, Belgium August 1856 with five children.  They arrived at the Port of New York September 29, 1856 and settled in Waterford, Racine County, Wisconsin.

Gerhard, age 42, born about 1814
Elizabeth, age 35, born about 1822
Sophia, age 10
Johannes, age 7
Wilhelm, age 5
Adelhaide, age 3
Joseph, 8 months

Also departing from Antwerp, Belgium August 1856 on the same ship were additional Wensing family members listed below.   Gerhard (born about 1814), Theodore (born about 1808), and Johannes (born about 1806) appear to be brothers.

Johannes (John), age 50, born about 1806.
Alieda, age 40
Theodore, age 48
William, age 7
Benjamin, age 6
Gerhard, age 3
Johanna (Anna), 3 months

1860 U.S. Federal Census/Home was Waterford, Racine County, Wisconsin
Garret Wensing, age 45 born about 1815.  Gerhard died June 12, 1895 in Waterford, Racine County.
Elizabeth Wensing, age 38 born about 1822. 
Sophia Wensing, age 15 born about 1846
John Wensing, age 12 born about 1848.
Joseph Wensing, age 6 born about 1845
Anna Wensing, age 2 born in Wisconsin about 1858.  Anna died Nov. 26, 1886 in Racine County.

1900 U.S. Federal Census/Home was Somers, Kenosha County, Wisconsin
John Wensing, age 59
Mary Wensing, age 41 (died Sept. 25, 1901)
Emma Wensing, age 16 (married Samuel Hansche)
William Wensing, age 11
Frederick Wensing, age 6 (WWI Draft Card noted he resided in Detroit, Michigan)
Ada Wensing, age 4 (The 1920 Census states she was single, living in Racine with the Mickelson family)
John Wensing (1845-1932) married Mary Bose (1858-1901) in Kenosha on November 18, 1874.  They operated a farm in Somers Township, Section 7, and rented 58 acres of the 160 acres owned by William Bose, Mary Bose Wensing's father.  See 1887 map below.  Mary Bose is the daughter of William Conrad and Anna Hansche Bose.  John and Mary married November 18, 1874 in Kenosha.  They had four children:  Emma born 1883, William born 1888, Frederick born 1894 and Ada born 1896.  Mary Bose Wensing died at the age of 43 on September 25, 1901.  John died in 1932.

John Wensing was born in Westphalia, Germany and is the son of Gerhard and Marie Anna Elizabeth Huning Wensing (known as Elizabeth on census reports).  The father, Gerhard was born about 1814 and his wife Elizabeth was born about 1822, both in Germany.  They were married in Westphalia, Germany November 15, 1846.  With their five children, Gerhard and Elizabeth departed from Antwerp, Belgium in August 1856 and sailed for America.  The Passenger List journals the family as follows:

Gerhard, age 42
Elizabeth, age 35
Sophia, age 10
Johannes (John), age 7
Wilhelm, age 5
Adelhaide, age 3
Joseph, 8 months

Also departing from Antwerp, Belgium in August 1856 on the same ship, were additional Wensing family members.  The Passenger List journals the family as shown below.  John, Alieda and family settled in Rochester, Racine County according to the 1860 census.  They moved to Iowa, the place where John died in 1870.  Elizabeth, John's mother, moved to Iowa and died there.

Johannes (John), age 50
Alieda, age 40
Theodore, age 48
William, age 7
Benjamin, age 6
Gerhard, age 3
Johanna (Anna), age 3 months

The Gerhard Wensing family settled in Waterford, Racine County, Wisconsin as evidenced by the 1860 U.S. Federal Census:
Garret Wensing, age 45 (occupation listed as wooden shoe maker)
Elizabeth Wensing, age 38
Sophia Wensing, age 15
John Wensing, age 12
Joseph Wensing, age 6
Anna Wensing, age 2 was born in Wisconsin about 1858 and died Nov, 26, 1886 in Racine County.

The 1910 U.S. Federal Census shows William and Christina Wensing living in Mt. Pleasant in Racine County.  By 1920 William and Christina were living in Somers Township with their children:
Laurence, age 9
Harvey, age 7
Leroy, age 6
William, age 4
Alice, age 3
Russell, age 1 
As of the 1930 U.S. Federal Census, the Wensing family moved back to Mt. Pleasant.

Milwaukee City Directory 1887-1888
John P. Wensing, millwright, 595 7th, Milwaukee
Theodore Wensing, carpenter, 595 7th, Milwaukee
Wm. Wensing, blacksmith, 371 Madison
Wm., Jr. Wensing, painter, 371 Madison

Hansche-Wensing Marriage
On December 2, 1905, Mr. Samuel H. Hansche married Miss Emma Wensing, a daughter of John Wensing, one of the earliest settlers of Somers Township.  Miss Emma was born in Somers in 1882.  Samuel Hansche, son of Frederick J. and Fredricka Hansche came to America in 1863 and settled in Mt. Pleasant.

Catherine Wensing Obituary
"Mrs. Catherine Wensing, aged 68 years, died early this morning at her late home, 713 Park Avenue.  She was born and reared in Berryville and later moved to Racine.  She is survived by six children, William Wensing, Mrs. Fred Sauer, of Racine; Charles Wensing, of Milwaukee; Mrs. E. Erdley of Lyons, Wis.; Mrs. B. Nelson of Los Angeles, Calif.; and J. Wensing, Marshfield, Wis.; seven grandchildren, four brothers, Tom Braid, Savanna, Ill.; George Braid of Portland, Ore.; J. Braid, Milwaukee; William Braid, Racine, and three sisters, Mrs. Bose, Berryville; Mrs. Barrows, Genoa Junction.  Burial will be in Mound Cemetery.
(Source:  Racine Journal January 5, 1921)

Angla Wensing Obituary
Mrs. Angela Wensing, one of the pioneer residents of this city and county, widow of the late John Wensing, died on Saturday, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. John Schuster in the Town of Mt. Pleasant at the rip old age of 89.  Deceased was well and favorably known and highly esteemed by a large concourse of friends.  She was a member of the Holy Name Church and of the Mothers Christian Society.  Two children survive, Mrs. John Schuster and John Wensing of Mt. Pleasant and they will have the sympathy of all in their bereavement.  The funeral will take place from the house and from the Holy Name Church."
(Source:  Racine Daily June 15, 1908)

"It is not often that $10,000 is kicked about a street, but such an occurrence is reported from Franklin Street.  When the Barnum & Bailey circus exhibited here John Wensing, a farmer from Central Park, Somers Township, Kenosha County, was robbed of $10,000 in Certificates of Deposit on the three local banks and also a Kenosha bank.  Besides he lost $55 in cash.  The robbery took place on an interurban car.
This morning, James R. Smith of 1776 Franklin Street reported to the officers of the Manufacturers National Bank, his little daughter had found a package of papers laying on DeKoven Avenue near Franklin.  Besides there were other papers laying scattered about.  Gathering them up she carried them home and her father discovered that they were certificates of deposit.  Mr. Wensing was notified and went to the Smith home.  Mr. Wensing was at the police office this afternoon and he will pay the Smith girl the $10 reward.
(Source:  Racine Journal Aug. 20, 1907)

"Nicholas Olle was administrator of John Wensing's estate."
(Source:  Racine Daily Sept. 12, 1900)

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