Friday, January 6, 2012

Somers Mutual Fire Insurance

"1905 Somers Mutual Fire Insurance Company's Annual Meeting"
The Somers Mutual Fire Insurance Company held their annual business meeting at the Town Hall last Tuesday.

The following officials were elected for the ensuing year:
President - W.J. Rhodes
Secretary - I.T. Bishop
Treasurer - G.F. Jordan

The following Directors were elected for three years:
W. J. Rhodes
G.F. Jordan and Herman Boelter

During the past year, 100 policies were written, making a total of 356 policies now in force; $204,830 the amount written; $171,432 expired and cancelled; $1,910.39 is the average amount of policies written; $239.45 amount paid for loss during the past year.  The Company is free from debt."
(Source:  Racine Journal, January 13, 1905)

1914 Annual Meeting
"The annual meeting of Somers Mutual Fire Insurance Company was held at the town hall on Tuesday.  The following trustees were elected for a term of three years.  Henry Lytle, Nicholas Lichter and Herman J. Boelter.  The following trustees elected to fill vacancies, Jacob J. Barrows and William F. Bose, Sr.
The Board of Trustees now comprises Isaac T. Bishop, James E. Spencer, Jacob J. Barrows, William F. Bose, Sr., Lawrence E. Ozanne, Nicholas Thomas, Henry Lytle, Nicholas Lichter, and Herman J. Boelter.
The following officers were elected:
President - James E. Spencer
Secretary - Isaac T. Bishop
Treasurer - Henry Lytle

Somers Mutual Fire Insurance Company was organized September 12, 1873, and has insured since that time $6,711.945.  The amount of policies written during the year of 1913, $263,060.
Amount in force on December 31, 1913, $935,050.
Since its organization the company has paid out for losses $25,572.04.
During the year 1913 the company has paid out for losses $3,835.75.
The number of policies in force at present time 365.
The average amount per policy has increased from $1,831.72 in 1902, to $12,561.78 in 1913."
(Source:  Racine Journal January 9, 1914)

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