Wednesday, January 11, 2012

School Workbook #3

The Pupil's Workbook in the Geography of Wisconsin
Prepared and Arranged by
Lynn B. Stiles Ginn and Company.
Copyright 1921, 1925. All Rights Reserved
(Source:  Original workbook courtesy of Jim and Sharon Bose Smith.)

What subjects were taught in grade school during the early 1920's? One subject was the Geography of Wisconsin. Below are copies of the workbook Albert Bose studied from when he went to Berryville School in Somers Township. It won't take long to notice that much of the workbook relates to farming. A farmer needs to know much more than milking a cow and planting a field. To be successful, a farmer must be knowledgable in many areas of study especially mathematics. How many questions can you answer?

(Note:  Click on images for larger view.)

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