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Pike River School

School District No. 7 - Pike River School

Between the years of 1836 and November 30, 1846 there is no record of School No. 7. It was on November 30, 1846 that the Commissioners of Common Schools in the Town of Pike, later Somers, met at the home of James Lynch, at the request of Jonas W. Rhodes, Alvin Strong, and others, for the formation of a new school district. This district thus formed, was four miles long, one and one-half miles wide. It has been changed many times, and in 1860 became a joint district with Mt. Pleasant, Racine County. In April, 1847 a meeting was called and officers appointed: Clerk, S.E. Hurlbut; Trustees, H. Longwell, Jonas W. Rhodes, A. Strong, Collector, J. Longwell; Treasurer, J.P. Hurlbut.

On October 25, a tax of $150 was levied for the purpose of erecting a school house, and the Trustees were authorized to choose a site. November 15, same year, an adjourned meeting was held to raise $200, and the site was to be on the "west side of the bluff". In September, 1848 the size and construction of the building was considered and decided to have it 20x25 feet, and that it be underpinned in a workmanship manner according to the direction of the Trustees.

That winter it was decided to have school if a suitable place could be found, and $40 was raised for the purpose of painting and buying a stove, a broom, and a pail.

At the first annual meeting held in the new school building in 1849, a vote was made to raise $30, to pay a teacher the coming winter for at least three months. However, five months of school were held, with an enrollment of sixteen scholars, and wages were paid E. Hannon, five dollars per month. The school grounds were six rods square, and are just as scenic today, as then.

The annual meeting October 8, 1850 voted to begin school in two weeks, and continued four months, and also contracted for six cords of seasoned body oak at $1.12 an 1/2 per cord.
The annual meeting October 6, 1857 voted six months school, the clerk being instructed to procure a female teacher. Miss Emily English was paid $11 per month, and eight scholars attended.
In 1852 the Treasurer reported the annual budge of $80.07 with indebtedness of $4.07. During that year there were two teachers; Miss Lucy French taught four months, at two dollars per week, and Caroline DeLong for three months, at $1.62-1/2 per week -- 19 scholars.

In 1858 additional land was bought to make the grounds contain one acre, and the three-year term of board members was inaugurated.  The library was kept in the various homes until 1886, when it was placed in the schoolhouse.
(Source: My Memoirs by Minnie A.G. Ozanne, Copyright 1848 Minnie A.G. Ozanne. All Rights Reserved.)

Pike River School in the News
"The Pike River School PTA will hold a card party at the schoolhouse Friday night, November 20, 1942."
(Source:  Racine Journal November 19, 1942)

Pike River School Class 1961-1962

Pike River School, Somers, Wisconsin
Class 1961-1962
Click on photo for larger view.
(Photo courtesy of Kurt Jorgensen, May 2018)

Right to left back row:Todd Ingerwell, Don Jensen, Steve Parker, Warren Smith, Jeff Parker, ??, Pamela Ingerwell, ??, Gary Jensen
Next row down: Mary Smith (Teacher), Paulette LaPorte, Kurt Jorgensen, Steve Bullamore, Tony Predney, Mike Parker, Pamela Divade, Janette Jackson, Linda Inee, Barbra Bullamore
Next row down: Ron Wingarden, Christa Heide, Bruce Parker, Peter Divade, ??, ??, ??, Mark Jensen
Front row: Kathy Predney, ??

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