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Mathias Mandernach
(Source:  Photo courtesy of Kim Heinen Bitto.  Copyright 2012.  All Rights Reserved.)

Elizabeth Kramer Mandernach
(Source: Photo courtesy of Kim Heinen Bitto.  Copyright 2012.  All Rights Reserved.)

Children of Mathias and Elizabeth Mandernach
Front row:  Peter, Edward, Nicholas
Back Row:  Louise, Appolonia (known as "Abbie"), Mary, Katherine, Elizabeth, Anna, Emma
The two women on the ends (Louise and Emma) are dressed in white because they are not yet married.  Louise was married in January 1916 so this photo would have been taken sometime shortly before that.
(Source: Photo courtesy of Kim Heinen Bitto.  Copyright 2012.  All Rights Reserved)

Elizabeth Mandernach and Children
The Mathias Mandernach Family
Front Row: Portrait of father Mathias, Elizabeth (daughter), Appolonia (also known as "Abbie"), Louise, Emma (on floor), Elizabeth (mother), Anna
Back Row: Mary, Edward, Peter, Katherine, Nicholas
This photo was taken shortly after Mathias died.  Elizabeth (mother) wanted him to be in this family portrait, so they included the framed photo of Mathias.
(Source: Photo courtesy of Kim Heinen Bitto.  Copyright 2012.  All Rights Reserved.)

Wedding Photo of Lena Weyres and Peter Mandernach
(Source: Photo courtesy of Kim Heinen Bitto.  Copyright 2012.  All Rights Reserved.)

Mandernach Farm
Location:  County Line Road, Somers Township
Sitting:  Elizabeth (mother), Appolonia (also known as "Abbie")
Standing:  Emma, Peter, Louise, and Nicholas with bicycle
(Source: Photo courtesy of Kim Heinen Bitto.  Copyright 2012.  All Rights Reserved)

Mandernach Homestead Farm
Location:  County Line Road, Somers Township
This house is still standing (2012) on KR between Wood Road and Green Bay Road.  it is very hard to see from the road now with all of the brush that has grown in front of it.
(Source: Photo courtesy of Kim Heinen Bitto.  Copyright 2012.  All Rights Reserved)

Partial 1887 Map of Somers Township
M. Mandernach Farm

Mathias Mandernach
Written by Kim Heinen Bitto.  Copyright 2012.  All Rights Reserved.

Four Mandernach siblings (Elizabeth, Mathias, Christian, and Ferdinand) traveled together to America as young adults.  On the ship with them was Elizabeth Mandernach’s husband, Andreas “Andrew” Thomm, along with a few of his Thomm relatives.  They traveled from Antwerp, Belgium on the British Bark Alberti, landing in New York on June 3, 1857.  The ship was a 608 ton vessel and carried 269 passengers on this voyage.  All passengers traveled “between decks” with the exception of the Mandernach’s, the Thomm’s, and two other individuals (ten people altogether), who traveled in the “cabin.”  The passengers all appear to have been laborers from Germany. 
The Mandernach and Thomm families settled in Southeastern Wisconsin, becoming members of St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Racine.  (The exception is Ferdinand Mandernach, who cannot be located after arriving in America.)  In 1867, Christian Mandernach married and relocated his family to Chicago, Illinois.  The Thomm family changed their name’s spelling to Thom. 
Mathias Mandernach lived with the Thom family (his sister) on their property Thistle Farm on Wood Road from 1857 to 1875, at which time he purchased 2.25 acres on Corbett Road.  In 1877 he sold that property and moved back in with the Thom family.  He subsequently purchased ten acres on County Line Road(Somers Township), eventually adding on property for a total of 31 5/8 acres. 

Mathias filed his Declaration of Intent to Naturalize in Kenosha County Circuit Court on November 6, 1860.
On February 14, 1874, Mathias Mandernach married Elizabeth Kramer (also spelled Cramer, Craemer, or Kraemer) at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Racine.  They required a special dispensation from the Catholic Church, as Elizabeth was of the Lutheran religion.  Elizabeth Kramer was born in Germany (possibly the town of Niedertiefenbach) and was the daughter of Philip Kramer and Catharine Rush.  Elizabeth came to American approximately 1873.  At the time of their marriage, Mathias was approximately 41 years old, while Elizabeth was approximately 16 years old.  Mathias and Elizabeth had ten children:

Katherine “Kate” – born approximately 1872 in Germany; came to America approximately 1873; married Peter Olson on February 1, 1896; two children – Herbert and Jeannette; died 1935; it is unclear if Kate is actually the daughter of Mathias or if she was born to Elizabeth prior to her marriage to Mathias (or could possibly be a sister or other relative of Elizabeth)
Mary Anne – born May 16, 1875 in Kenosha County; married Philip Peter Pfeiffer on February 12, 1895; five children – Elizabeth, Helen, Anthony, Loretta, and Philip; died December 25, 1948 in Racine
Elizabeth “Libby” – born September 6, 1876 in Kenosha County; married George Schliesmann on May 12, 1896; eight children – John, Mathew, Gertrude, Anna, Veronica, Fred, Marie, and George; died December 30, 1915 in Racine
Anna Katherine – born September 7, 1878 in Kenosha County; married Amiel Julius “Emil” Johnson on August 5, 1903; nine children – Louise, Nicholas, Frederick, Erma, Myrtle, Margaret, Clarence, Ruth, and Irving Julius; died May 18, 1962 in Michigan
(Andrew) Edward “Big Ed” – born April 28, 1880 in Kenosha County; married Amanda Larsen on October 7, 1902; five children – Hazel, Edward Nicholas, Matthias Frederick, George, and Daniel; died July 4, 1940 in Racine
 Peter John – born August 21, 1882 in Kenosha County; married Helena Magdalena “Lena” Weyres November 11, 1908 at Holy Name Catholic Church, Racine; six children – Ethel, Arthur, Gilbert, Kenneth, Russell, and Valerie; died October 28, 1975 in Kenosha
Nicholas Edward – born July 21, 1884 in Kenosha County; married Valborg “Vol” Larsen July 21, 1907; ten children – Evelyn, Mary, Alice, Nicholas, Louis, Anthony, Olive, Grace, Lorraine, and Dorothy; died April 8, 1957 in Racine
Appolonia “Abbie” – born April 17, 1886 in Kenosha County; married Fred Schroeder on May 24, 1905; two children – Lillian and Florence; died April 29, 1916
 Louise M. – born November 4, 1888 in Kenosha County; married Frank Miller on January 10, 1916; eleven children – Bernard, Lucille, Norman, Delores, Geraldine, Gladys, Frank, Richard, John, Joyce, and Jean; died May 23, 1981
Emma G. – born March 17, 1891 in Kenosha County; married George Cabels about 1911; divorced; died October 26, 1969 in Racine

Note that Edward and Nicholas married Larsen sisters. 

Mathias Mandernach died on December 3, 1893, at the age of 61.  At that time, nine of their ten children were still minors, leaving Elizabeth Kramer Mandernach to raise their family alone.  She continued to work the family farm, traveling into Racine to peddle her produce.  She eventually sold the family farm to her son Peter Mandernach (circa 1908) and moved the remainder of the family still living at home at that time into a large house on what is now South Memorial Drive in Racine.  Elizabeth Kramer Mandernach died August 19, 1921 at the age of 64 from complications of diabetes.  Mathias and Elizabeth are buried in Holy Cross Cemetery on Kinzie Avenue, Racine, Wisconsin.

Mathias and Elizabeth’s son, Peter Mandernach, continued to operate the family farm until he eventually sold it in the early 1940’s.  Peter Mandernach married Helena (Lena or Magdalena) Weyres on November 11, 1908 at Holy Name Catholic Church, Racine, Wisconsin.  Lena was born March 8, 1889 to Valentine and Mary (Niederprim) Weyres in Racine, Wisconsin.  She was the fourth of eight Weyres children.  Peter had originally wanted to marry Lena’s older sister, Angelina “Annie” Weyres, but she instead married Daniel August “Gus” O’Day.  Peter and Lena Mandernach had six children:

Ethel Elizabeth – born August 4, 1909 in Kenosha County; married William Joseph Heinen on September 16, 1930; two children – Thomas William and Mary (who died in infancy); died April 21, 2000 in Kenosha, Wisconsin
Arthur Walter – born January 31, 1912 in Kenosha County; married Gertrude Schoepke; divorced; two children – Ralph and Gordon; died June 8, 1994 in Crivitz, Wisconsin
Gilbert E. – born June 27, 1914 in Kenosha County; married Mary Elizabeth Heinen in November, 1937; divorced; four children – Robert, Lawrence, Cynthia and David; died August 14, 1988, in Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Kenneth J. – born October 30, 1921 in Kenosha County; married first to Elaine Schied; divorced; one child Constance Lee relinquished to ex-wife; married second to Ann Roges; died February 5, 2003 in New Port Richey, Florida
Russell N. – born September 10, 1924 in Kenosha County; died September 20, 2000, in Cottonwood, California
Valerie Rose – born June 25, 1929 in Kenosha or Racine County; married Harold “Pete” Meyer; five children – Linda, Nancy, Lola, Steven, and Tammy; died March 1, 2010 in New Port Richey, Florida

Lena Weyres Mandernach died on August 9, 1968 in Kenosha, Wisconsin, from complications of diabetes.  Peter Mandernach died on October 23, 1975 in Kenosha, Wisconsin at the age of 93.  Both are buried in Holy Cross Cemetery on Kinzie Avenue, Racine, Wisconsin. 

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