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The Bose Family
The Bose family is one of the earliest pioneer families who settled in Somers Township.  The family is very large and as a result of marriages, the Bose family is related to many other Somers pioneer families:  Braid, Wensing, Hansche, Donsing, Birch, Tennessen, Kramer, Witscheber.  Most of these families settled in the Berryville area of Somers Township.
Additional biographical sketches and other information is posted on the Oakwood Cemetery web site.

The first to arrive in Wisconsin was William Bose who arrived in 1846.  He stopped in Cleveland, Ohio for a short time, met William Hansche and both came to Racine County in 1846.  The next year, his father Conrad , mother Mary, and six (6) siblings arrived at the Port of New York on October 25, 1847 joining William in Racine County. 

New York Passenger List, Port of New York, Arrival October 25, 1847
Conrad Bose, age 52 (born about 1795)
Ann Mary Bose, age 46 (born about 1800)
Charlotte Bose, age 21, daughter, born about 1828
  • Note: Charlotte married Jacques Jacob Bertschy in Frank Wisconsin.  They moved to Meeme, Manitowoc, Wisconsin where Charlotte died, March 7, 1886.
Isabella Bose, age 14, daughter, born about 1833
  • Note:  The only place Isabella is shown on the original passenger list of 1847.  Starting with the 1850 U.S. Federal Census, it lists a daughter named Eliza born about 1835.  It is unknown if Isabella and Eliza are the same or different daughters.  For the record, Eliza married George Blodgett, perhaps a brother of her sister-in-law Hannah who married her brother Charles.  Eliza died in Racine April 25, 1898.
Frederick Bose, age 12, born about 1835.
  • Note:  Frederick married Sophia.  Children:  William born 1861, Minnie (married Jacob Kramer), Fred Bose, born about 1867, Frank Bose, born about 1869, Ella Bose born about 1877, and Albert Bose born about 1879.  Minnie Bose and her husband Jacob Kramer lived with Minnie's parents in the Bose homestead on Lathrop Avenue (13th Avenue) in Berryville.  The  Fred Bose/Kramer homestead still stands today although it is no longer owned by the family.
Henry Bose, age 10, born about 1838
  • Note:  Henry married Fredricka Hansche.  Children:  Ernest born about 1865, Amelia born about 1874, Henry born about 1881, Lydia born about 1878, Matilda (Tillie?) born about 1875, and Benjamin born about 1882 married Mary and they had two sons, Arthur and Wesley.  Wesley Bose married and raised his children on the Henry Bose homestead.  The Henry/Wesley Bose homestead farm is located directly east of the Fred Bose/Kramer homestead on County Line Road and it still stands today although it is no longer owned by the family.
Edwin Bose, age 6, born about 1840
Charles Bose, age 4, born about 1843
  • Note:  Charles married Hannah Blodgett.  They had two children: Florence born about 1867, and Adebert born about 1873.  The 1880 U.S. Federal Census shows that Charles, Hannah, Florence and Adebert lived with Conrad (age 87) and Mary (age 82) on the Section 5-East parcel on the lake shore.  Charles Bose died at the age of 58 on February 2, 1900.  "Charles Bose, an old citizen of Berryville, died on Friday Feb. 2.  Funeral services were held Sunday at the church.  His wife, son, daughter, and one brother survive him and his many friends and neighbors will miss his familiar face. (Source: Racine Daily Feb. 6, 1900)

William and Ann Bose
Grandparents of Clarence Bose
Great Grand Parents of Albert and Marjorie Bose
(Source:  Original photo courtesy of Jim and Sharon Bose Smith.)
William and Ann Bose
Click here for complete history of William and Ann Bose.
William Bose (born about 1825)
Ann Bose (born about 1810)

Children of William and Ann:
Edward Bose (born about 1854)
William F. Bose (born about 1857)
Mary Bose (born about 1959)

Ann's first marriage to Hansche ended with the death of Mr. Hansche.  The 1880 US Federal Census show Ann's children from the Hansche marriage were living with Ann and William Bose.
Herman Hansche, step son to William, age 31, born about 1849
John Vincent, son in law to William, age 33, born about 1847
Mary Vincent, step daughter to William, age 21, born about 1859
Ann Vincent, step grand-daughter to William, age 3, born about 1877

William F. and Nellie Braid Bose
(Source:  Original photo courtesy of Jim and Sharon Bose Smith.)

William and Nellie Bose
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William F. Bose (born about 1856)
Nellie Braid Bose (born about 1856)
Children of William F. and Nellie
Jennie Bose born about 1880
Anna Bose born about 1878
William Bose III born about 1883
Clarence Charles Bose born about 1889
Everett Bose born about 1899

Children of William and Nellie Bose
William F. Bose III (standing) and Clarence Bose (seated)
(Source:  Original photo courtesy of Jim and Sharon Bose Smith.)

Allie and Clarence Bose
Loading Cabbage for shipping on the railroad at the Birch Road station stop.
(Source:  Original photo courtesy of Jim and Sharon Bose Smith.)

Bose Cabbage Wagons parked on Birch Road waiting to load on the Railroad.
(Source:  Original photo courtesy of Jim and Sharon Bose Smith)

Clarence and Audrey Bose
Loading potatoes to ship on railroad on Birch Road station stop.
(Source:  Original photo courtesy of Jim and Sharon Bose Smith)

Art Bose, Ellsworth Rolfs (Daniel's cousin) and Daniel Klapproth
(Source:  Original photo courtesy of Jacqueline Klapproth Nelson.  Copyright 2012.  All Rights Reserved.)

1911 Ford Convertible
(Photo courtesy of Jim Smith)

1914 Ford and the Bose Children
Marjory and Albert Bose (Children of Clarence and Audrey Bose and Grand-Children of William F. and Nellie Bose.
(Source:  Original photo courtesy of Jim and Sharon Bose Smith)

Partial 1887 Map of Somers Township
Bose parcels primarily located in Berryville area
C. Bose
F. Bose
H. Bose
W. Bose
Wm. Bose

Bose:  In the News
"Carpenters began work last week to erect a new residence for Mr. William Bose."
(Source:  Racine Journal, August 2, 1900)

"Miss Anna Palskill, a well known young lady of Racine, married Mr. Barney Bose of Berryville at St. James Church.  A reception followed at their new home in Berryville."
(Source:  Racine Journal, January 24, 1902)

"A very charming wedding was that of Miss Josephine Palskill, of Racine to Mr. Joseph Bose, of Berryville, which took place at 8 o'clock this morning at the Holy Name church, in the presence of a large number of friends and relatives.  The bride was attended by her sister, Miss Annie Palskill, and the best man was her brother, Mr. Barney Palskill.  The bridal gown was of white organdie, trimmed with lace and the bride carried bridal roses.  The bridesmaid wore white Swiss, trimmed with chiffon.  As the bridal party entered the edifice Prof. Henry Shulte, assisted by Mrs. Schulte, played the wedding march, and Rev. Father S. P. Schwinn performed the ceremony.
After the ceremony was performed a large wedding reception was held at the new home of the couple located near Berryville, and over two hundred were present to extend congratulations, many being from abroad.  A wedding dinner was served and Mr. and Mrs. Bose received a large number of handsome and costly presents.  They will not depart for a wedding trip, but immediately settled down to housekeeping.
The bride is a well known young lady of the south side and has always been prominent in the social and religious circles where she mingled and was popular with all classes, and a most estimable woman.
The groom is a young farmer who has lived in the southern part of this county all of his life.  He is known for miles as an honest, upright and prosperous tiller of the soil and to him and his estimable bride is extended the best wishes of all for a long and happy wedding life."
(Source:  Racine Journal, November 26, 1901)

"Clarence Bose, who was recently married, has rented the Becker farm southeast of the village.  He will take his bride to their new home in the near future."
(Source:  Racine Journal, February 12, 1914)

"Miss Lydia M. Bose and Mr. Winfield S. Jackson were united in marriage at the Methodist parsonage in Racine by Rev. Haylett, last Wednesday at 5 o'clock.  The young couple were attended by Miss Grace Dearsley and Mr. Ernest Bose.  The bride was becomingly attired in white and wore white roses, and the bridegroom wore the conventional black.  Mr. Jackson is a very prosperous gardener."
(Source:  Racine Journal, June 21, 1899)

"This afternoon Miss Jennie Bose and Mr. Alfred Hansche were united in marriage at the home of the bride near Berryville.  It was a very quiet affair, only intimate friends and relatives being in attendance.  Both are well known in that section of the county and will have the best wishes of their hosts of friends."
(Source:  Racine Journal, August 24, 1904)

"Charles Bose, an old citizen of Berryville, died on Friday, February 2.  Funeral services were held Sunday at the church.  His wife, son, daughter and one brother, survive him and his many friends and neighbors will miss his familiar face."
(Source:  Racine Journal, Feb. 6, 1900)

"Mr. William Bose, one of the pioneers of Kenosha county, died at his Somers home.  The funeral took place from the Berryville Church on Sunday afternoon and was largely attended.  Mr. Bose was 75 years of age.
William Bose was one of the early pioneers of the county.  He was born in Prussia February 13, 1924.  In 1846 he left Germany and emigrated to the U.S.  For many years he worked as a farm hand but later purchased a part of Section 6 and built upon it one of the first houses erected in the Town of Somers.  Here he lived only a short time when he purchased a farm in Section 7 where he has since resided.  He leaves a widow and three children:  Edward, William F. and Mrs. John (Mary) Wensing, all of the Town of Somers.  Mr. Bose was a quiet and unassuming man.  He was strictly honorable and upright in all his dealings and was honored and respected by all who knew him."
(Source:  Racine Journal, April 11, 1899)

"Mary Rose Ann Bose, age 22, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bose died yesterday morning at Sunny Rest Sanitarium.  She is survived by her parents and three sisters.  The sisters are Mrs. Sam Gascoigne of Berryville; three sisters living in San Francisco; four brothers, Joseph, Barney, John, and Emil all of Berryville.  She was born on the family homestead in Berryville and lived there all her life."
(Source:  Racine Journal, February 24, 1916)

"Charles Birch, Edward Bose, Edward Lotz, and Benny Bose, motored to Mercer last week where they enjoyed several days of fishing.  Mr. Birch brought home a Muskie, measuring 32-1/2" long.
(Source:  Racine Journal, September 11, 1929)

"Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Bose spent Wednesday afternoon with later's mother, Mrs. Jacob Swartz."
(Source:  Racine Journal, Jan. 10, 1914)

"William Bose expects to leave for Florida this morning accompanied by his daughter, Mrs. Alfred Hansche, who was ordered by her physician to make a prolonged stay in a different climate owing to her ill health of late."
(Source:  Racine Journal February 12, 1914)

"The herd of sheep of J.E. Bose which was stricken with some kind of disease, has recovered.  Mr. Bose lost 12 head."
(Source:  Racine Journal, April 10, 1914)

"Wesley Bose is employed on the Albert Scheckler farm.  Arthur Bose has returned here after working the past two years for William Fink at Somers."
(Source:  Racine Journal, April 20, 1940)

"Marjorie Bose of St. Ann's Hospital in Chicago is spending her vacation at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bose."
Mrs. Jack Meekman spent the day with her aunt, Mrs. Nellie Bose, whose health is slowly improving at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bose."
(Source:  Racine Journal, August 9, 1934)

"Richard Bose fell the later part of last week and broke his shoulder blade and Mrs. Ed Bose, Sr. also fell and is bruised and may have broken bones."
(Source:  Racine Journal, September 23, 1932)

"Mrs. Edward Bose called on her daughter, Mrs. Margaret Gascoigne."
(Source:  Racine Journal, December 31, 1912)

Swartz - Bose Marriage
(See photos below)
"The marriage of Miss Carrie Charlotte Swartz, daughter of Mrs. and Mrs. J. Swartz, to Benjamin F. Bose of Berryville, was celebrated at the home of the bride's parents in Somers on Wednesday evening, February 10th at eight o'clock in the presence of a large company of invited guests.
As the strains of Lohengrin's wedding march played by Miss Margaret Becker of Kenosha, floated through the rooms, the wedding party took their places in the west parlor. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Bech of Kenosha.
The house was decorated for the occasion, sweet peas, and smilax being used in profusion. The bride was tastefully gowned in white and carried white sweet peas. Miss Luella M. Swartz acted as bridesmaid and also wore white and carried pink sweet peas.
The groom was attended by Edward Bose. After the usual congratulations, the guests sat down to a sumptuous wedding dinner at which the Misses Pauline Birch, Mina Henscher, Etta Pedley, and Mrs. J.F. Swartz, Jr. served.
The gifts were numerous and beautiful. The bride and groom are both popular young people and have a large circle of friends who extend their best wishes. Mr. and Mrs. Bose will be at home to their friends after March 12, 1909."
(Source: Racine Journal, February 16, 1909)

Ben and Carrie Swartz Bose Wedding Photo
Benjamin Bose is the son of Henry and Frederica Bose
Carrie Swartz is the daughter of John Jacob and Emma Swartz
(Source:  Original Photo Courtesy of Robert Swartz.)

Ben and Carrie Swartz Bose Wedding Photo
(Source: Original Photo Courtesy of Robert Swartz)

Arthur and Winifred Bose, about 1917
Children of Benjamin and Carrie Swartz Bose.
(Note:  Wesley, the third child of Benjamin and Carrie is not pictured)
(Source:  Original Photo Courtesy of Robert Swartz)

At 10:45 o'clock this morning Miss Ella Bose died at her home, 1001 Fourteenth Street, aged 32 years.  Deceased was born in Somers, Kenosha County, but has been a resident of Racine since a small girl.  She was a young woman highly esteemed by a large concourse of friends and her death will be learned with sorrow.  There survives to mourn her demise, a mother, brothers, William, Frank G., Fred, E., H., W., and Albert C. Bose, and one sister, Mrs. Jacob Kramer of Somers.  Time of funeral will be announced.
(Source:  Racine Journal, January 11, 1910)

"There was a pretty church wedding At. St. George Church this morning at 9 o'clock, the contracting parties being John Bose, one of the best known young farmers of the Town of Somers, and Miss Rose Koch, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Christian Koch.  The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Father Ellskamp in the presence of a large number of the friends and relatives of the contracting parties.  Following the ceremony an all day wedding reception was held at the home of the bride.  Mr. and Mrs. Bose will make their home in the Town of Somers and they will have the best wishes of a large circle of fiends."
(Source:  Racine Journal, May 7, 1908)

"At 8 o'clock last evening at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Donsing of Somers, Wisconsin, Miss Hattie Donsing was united in marriage to William F. Bose, Jr. of Berryville, Wisconsin.  The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Williams of Chicago in the presence of about fifty friends and relatives of the contracting parties.  The home was decorated for the occasion with flowers and potted plants.  Following the ceremony a wedding repast was served after which the happy couple left on a short wedding tour in the northern part of the state.  The bride is a popular young woman of Somers and the groom is the son of William F. Bose of Berryville.  Mr. and Mrs. Bose will reside at the old Bose homestead at Berryville.
(Source:  Racine Journal, January 20, 1909)

"A very pleasant outing was enjoyed on Sunday by about fifteen Racine young people at the Bose farm near kenosha.  The party left on the 8:30 o'clock.  The C.M. electric train, and return on the 10:30.  The weather was ideal for the occasion.  Baseball was played as was horseshoe and other sports, including sack races. 
After supper was served a moonlight marshmallow roast was held."
(Source:  Racine Journal, August 24, 1915)

"William Bose, Sr. is suffering from a severe attack of blood-poisoning."
(Source:  Racine Journal, April 28, 1915)

"Mr. and Mrs. William Bose, Jr. attended the Knights Templar conclave held in Chicago this past week."
(Source:  Racine Journal, August 16, 1910)

"Miss Mary Blodgett of Racine and Mr. E.H. Bose of Berryville were united in marriage last evening at the Second Methodist church int he presence of relatives.  The Misses Clara and Emma Hanson were the maids of honor while Harry and Benjamin Bose officiated as best  men.  The bride was attired in a gown of light blue and carried white roses.  After the ceremony, a wedding supper was served."
(Source:  Racine Journal, January 5, 1905)

"Mr. Joseph Bose is very sick with pneumonia."
(Source:  Racine Journal, May 10, 1899)

"William Bose, Jr. has been suffering from inflammatory rheumatism for some weeks is slowly recovering."
(Source:  Racine Journal, April 16, 1912)

"Two children of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bose who have been seriously sick with diphtheria are slowly convalescing."
(Source:  Racine Journal, July 4, 1911)

"Henry J. Bose, age 73, of Somers, died this forenoon of heart trouble.  He leaves a wife, three sons and three daughters.  Funeral Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock from the house.  Interment in Mound Cemetery.  Deceased was a native of Germany and had resided at Somers for some fifty years."
(Source:  Racine Journal, June 25, 1911)

"Clarence Bose has been busy the past 2 weeks moving his farm implements."
"Mrs. J.E. Bose spent Sunday evening with her mother, Mrs. Christ Koch it being her fifty-third birthday."
"Mrs. C. Bose has purchased an excellent phonograph."
(Source:  Racine Journal, March 10, 1914)

"Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bose  moved into their new home last week."
(Source:  Racine Journal, March 17, 1914)

"Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bose and daughters, Anna and Wilma, left Saturday for California (Los Angeles) where they will spent the winter.  Miss Wilma Bose is in poor health and it is hoped the mild climate may be beneficial."
(Source:  Racine Journal October 17, 1911)

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