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Somers School

(Source:  The Racine Journal Times, August 15, 1967)

Dedicate New School Building at Somers June 4, 1904
"Says the Kenosha News:  Arrangements have been completed for the dedication of the new school building in the Town of Somers, and exercises of dedication will be held on the historic spot on Saturday, June 4.  The new building for District No. 2 is now completed and the patrons of the district have decided to make the dedication of it an event which will awaken many reminiscences of the early history of the schools of the county.  In order to have the old days recalled, an invitation has been sent out to all of the former teachers and students of the old school and many of them have promised to be present and take part in the dedicatory ceremonies."
(Source:  Racine Journal, May 27, 1904)

Somers Schools in the News
"Somers Schools Hire Faculties for 1956-1957 School Year"
School Board members of Hillcrest State Graded School have reported the hiring of teachers for the coming school year.  They are Misses Carol Poynter, Gail Gilmore, Donna Tyler, Virginia Wacek, Nancy Hageborn, Mrs. Ronald Franke and Mrs. Jane Wuttje.
A two-room addition to the six-classroom school building now is under construction.  It is expected to be completed by September in time for opening of classes.  An enrollment of an additional 20 students is expected in the fall.  Current enrollment is 175 pupils.
Mrs. Donald Smith will return as teacher at Pike River School for the coming year.
Three teachers also have been engaged to teach at Bullamore Forks State Graded School.  They are Mmes. Edna McConethy, Jeannine Everett and Miss Elizabeth Thuring.
Three teachers have been hired for the coming year at Washington State Graded School.  They are Mmes. Paul Ghyseis, Martha Cummings and Miss Esther Nelson.
Berryville State Graded School has 11 teachers hired for the coming school year.  They are George Wind, principal, Mmes. Blenne Malloy, Agnes Sorenson, George Feest, Jerome Jensen, James Saaf, Bertha Amdahl, and Selma Kenders, and Misses Nancy Paulson, Hazel Havel and Priscilla Hastings.
Burr Oak State Graded School has engaged two teachers for the coming school year.  They are Misses Lillian Hvitved and Phyliss Nelson."
(Source:  Racine Journal May 25, 1956)

"In the course of a few months one of the old land marks of our town will, in all probablility cease to exist, as a meeting of the electors of the joint school district No. 7 of Mt. Pleasant and Somers was held on Monday evening and it was decided to build a new school house.  The present building is one of the oldest of its kind in the county and it is doubtful if there is a person in the district who will oppose the move that has been taken.  The old building has been repaired a number of times and the fact that there is not room to accommodate all the children of the district, proves the necessity of erecting a new building.  Another meeting to make final arrangments will be held on Monday evening, July 31, and every voter of the disdtrict should make it a point to be be present."
(Source:  Racine Daily July 25, 1905)

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