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Berryville Church

Berryville Methodist Episcopal Church
circa. about 1899 when new church building was dedicated
(Source:  Photo Courtesy of Warren and Lyla Kramer.  Copyright 2011 Jacqueline K. Nelson.  All Rights Reserved)

Dedication of New Church Building
"Sunday, December 17, 1899, will long be remembered by the Methodist Society of Berryville, Wisconsin.  It may be truly said that never before has there been such interest manifested in church circles as there was in the vicinity on that day, the occasion being the dedication of the new church.  It will be remembered that early in the spring, opinion inclined at first toward the renovation of the old church, but it soon became evident that such a work would require almost half the cost of a new building.  The board of trustees took the matter into consideration and finally decided to build a new church.  A vigorous canvas of the church and community assured a successful effort.  Under the most untiring and skillful work of the pastor, Rev. W.W. Gray, loyally reinforced by his people and by the hard work of a judicious and careful building committee, the Methodist Society of that thrifty community, after the interior of the building has been fully completed, will be in possession of one of finest rural churches that can be found in the conference.

Considerable interest was manifested in the coming dedication and although the committee had put forth their best efforts to have the chairs in place the latter failed to arrive in time for the occasion.  Their plans, however, would not be frustrated and the day's program was carried out as announced, a sufficient number of chairs having been secured for the day.  The interior of the building is finished off in Georgia pine, the windows are of beautiful colored glass and the rooms will be lighted by gasoline.  A furnace underneath the building will furnish the heat.

The weather on Sunday morning gave promise of a very fine day and the roads were in good condition, the people could be seen coming from all direction while the electric cars brought in their proportion:  Rev. C.P. Masden of the Grand Avenue Church, Milwaukee, our presiding elder, Dr. D.C. John, Rev. A.M. Sanford of the Milwaukee Rescue Mission and Rev. W.W. Gray of Abrams, Wisconsin and former pastor, were early arrivals and at 10:30 o'clock the services were opened.

Rev. E.D. Kohlstedt, pastor of the church, was unable to be present on account of sickness.  As the choir, consisting of Prof. William Toase, J.G. Mitchell, Mrs. E.D. Kohlstedt and Miss Lulu Rhodes with Miss Lewis as organist, sang its first selection we all felt that the committee were very fortunate in securing their services. The remarks made throughout the day regarding the singing by the choir were very complimentary indeed.  The morning sermon was preached by Rev. C.P. Masden to a most intensely interested congregation.  After the sermon, the presiding elder, Dr. D.C. John, made a statement of the financial condition of the church, the report showing that there was a debt of $700 to be raised before the dedication services could be carried out.  The whole amount was subscribed in a short time with the exception of $45, which was raised in the afternoon.  In justice to the ladies it must be said that they also came to the rescue and aided in freeing the church from debt.
The afternoon services were opened with prayer by Rev. A.M. Sanford, after which the sermon was preached by Rev. W.W. Gray, the former pastor, his many friends being pleased to have him present on this important occasion.  Dr. D.C. John took charge of the evening services and at the close he made a request that donations amounting to $300 be made so that the interior of the church might be finished at once.  Two-thirds of this amount was raised and we trust the balance will be forthcoming in a short time.

The trustees of the church, W.F. Hansche, Thomas Piper, W.J. Hansche, A.H. Bradley, and August Piper came forward and the president of the board, W.F. Hansche, presented the building for dedication.  Dr. John conducted the ceremonies, the doxology was sung, after which the benediction was pronounced.

The Somers people were very cordially entertained by the Berryville people for which they are very grateful.  The members of the choir desire to thanks Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Piper for the kind hospitality shown them while being entertained in their home.  They were heartily welcomed and their kindness will be remembered for a long time.

A merry Christmas and a happy New Year to the editor and the members of his staff, also the Journal's many readers is the wish of your correspondent."
(Source:  Racine Daily Journal, publication date December 19, 1899)

Berryville M.E. Church History
"The Berryville Methodist Episcopal Church (also known as Berryville M.E.) is an outgrowth of Sunday School classes held in the Lake Shore schoolhouse (Berryville School) about a mile south of the County Line Road in the days previous to the Civil War.
In 1863 under the leadership of Rev. J.C. Stover, a church building was erected at the County Line Road and Lake Shore Road.  A new church was erected in 1899.  This building served until six years ago, when the congregation disbanded, the members attending churches either at Racine or at Kenosha.  The building has been remodeled into an apartment.
(Source:  Kenosha News June 1935 Centennial Edition)

Lake Shore Presbyterian Mission
"The Lake Shore Presbyterian Mission was organized as the Lake Shore vacation Bible School by Rev. Carl Franz of West Allis.  It was conducted originally in the Old Time Dance Club on the Lake Shore Road in Berryville about four years ago.  For the past two years both church and Sunday school services have been held, with the T. Parker home on Fairview Avenue used for that purpose.  E. J. Nelson, student pastor from the Presbyterian seminary at Chicago, is in charge at present.
(Source: Kenosha News June 1935 Centennial Edition)

In 1859-60-63, Congregational services under the direction of Rev. H.S. Durant were held in the old Berryville school house.
(Source: Kenosha News June 1935 Centennial Edition)

Berryville Church News
"The Christmas tree and entertainment at the Berryville Church on Monday, was a grand success, the edifice being crowded to the doors.  Rev. E. Kaneen, pastor.  Christmas service at 2:30p.m., special Christmas music by the choir and sermon by the pastor.  Junior League 1 p.m., Sunday School 1:30 p.m., Epworth League 7:30 p.m., midweek service Thursday 7:45 p.m."
(Racine Daily publication date December 26, 1906)

"The Rev. E. Kaneen, pastor of the North Side and Berryville churches, and secretary of the Ministers' union, has been invited to the pastorate of an important Methodist Church in Illinois, and will probably accept and take up his new work early in April."
(Racine Daily publication date March 28, 1907)

"Berryville M.E. Church, Rev. F.M. Pratt, Pastor."
(Racine Daily publication date February 22, 1908)

"The Young Ladies' Society of the Berryville M.E. Church gave a very fine entertainment at the home of Mrs. A. Bradley last evening to an audience of about one hundred people.  A number from Racine were present.  The program was varied, which made it most interesting, consisting of readings, dialogues, and music.  Refreshments were served at the close of the program.  The young ladies are to be highly commended fro this splendid effort."
(Source:  Racine Daily publication date June 23, 1908)

"The Ladies' Aid of the Berryville M.E. Church will be entertained at the home of Mrs. Klapproth, Wednesday afternoon."
(Source:  Racine Daily publication date May 11, 1911)

"There will be a joint picnic of four Methodist Churches for a Labor Day outing next Monday at the Piper Grove at Berryville.  Committees have been appointed by the brotherhood of the various curches to take charge of the program for the occasion and they now have their plans practically completed.
The brotherhood of the First M.E. church has made most of the preliminary arrangements and has planned to have a general good time all through the day.  At noon, tables will be spread for the mebers of the brotherhoods and their families and in the afternoon games will be played by the pleasure seekers.  A baseball game will be staged between the joint teams of the churches.  A special electric car for the occasion will leave here at 10 o'clock Monday morning and other cars during the day will carry over 200 persons to the picnic.  In addition to the ball games, running and jumping contests will be held as well as sack races and potato races."
(Source:  Racine Daily publication date September 4, 1914)

"The annual picnic of the Methodist Churches of Racine and Berryville was held at Piper's Grove and it was a big success.  At noon well laden baskets were opened and added to these was hot coffee furnished by the committee which filled the bill against the chilly northeast blast.  After lunch the day was spent with an enjoyable program.  The first game between the older men of the First M.E. Church and the First church was a hummer and would have to be seen to be appreciated!  It is the general opinion the Cy Hay and W.E. Loomis can make the most noise as the first mentioned is charged with two errors because he was talking and did not hear the ball coming. The game see-sawed from one side to other until it went into extra innings.
Several of the more prominent members of the church received passes to the picnic on account of their ability in a specified line.  For instance: Thomas Hay of Grange Avenue for his rooting ability; Mr. Gerhard of the First church for selling ice cream tickets; Mr. Christian of Grange Avenue, for his inside knowledge of baseball; Mr. Mortensen of the First church for the way he swings his hat to keep the flies off; W.E. Hansche of Grange Avenue, for his general good looks, and a good many more that might be mentioned.
The corn roast in the evening was well attended despite the inclement weather and was enjoyed by all who participated.  A special electric train was in waiting at 5:30 to bring all who wished to return at that time."
(Source: Racine Daily publication September 4, 1914)

"E.D. Kohlstedt, a former pastor of the Berryville M.E. Church has been elected president of the Wesleyan College at Mitchell, South Dakota."
(Source:  Racine Journal publication date March 29, 1922)

"About 200 attended the New England supper and entertainment at the Hansche school house last evening.  It was given by the Ladies' Aid Society of the Berryville M.E. church.  Supper was served from 6 to 8:30 o'clock and was followed by an interesting program, composed of talent which proved to be royal entertainers.  The Metropolitan orchestra gave several selections and Miss Esther Piper rendered a piano solo which was enthusiastically received.  A vocal duet by Miss Jeanette Hayman and Miss Susan McCullough was another feature.  An orchestra from the Second M.E. Church of Racine gave two selections which added greatly to the program."
(Source:  Racine Journal publication date November 27, 1917)

The Lake Shore Church
"It appears that the Lake Shore church property at Berryville was at one time in the charge of possession of our church, for at a meeting of the trustees held August 20, 1873, a report to the quarterly conference was agreed on, from which the following extract is taken"
"The trustees of said church respectfully report:  that the property held by us in trust for the church as as follows:
Lot 11, Block 2, Section 16, on Main Street, with church edifice and furniture of the value of $40,000.00.
Church lot and building on the road to Kenosha, in the Town of Somers, Berryville $500.00
Parsonage in Racine $2,500.00
(Source:  History of the First Methodist Episcopal Church, Racine, Wisconsin by Eugene Walter Leach, Copyright 1912 by E.W. Leach)

Berryville Church Statistics
Church Year Ending:  October 9, 1901
Pastor:  E.D. Kohlstedt
Members of Probation:  5
Full Members: 110
Value of Church Property:  $6,500.00
Value of Parsonage:  N/A
Sunday School Teachers: 24
Sunday School Members:  192
(Source: History of the First Methodist Episcopal Church, Racine, Wisconsin by Eugene Walter Leach, Copyright 1912 by E.W. Leach)

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