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1887 Partial Map of Somers Township, Kenosha County
Section 13 shows Stanbridge parcel
Section 24 shows Wm. Lambe Est parcel
Click on the map for larger view.
William Stanbridge
William Stanbridge, whose death occurred in Kenosha, January 17, 1906, was descended from English ancestry who lived and died near Worthing, in Sussex.  His grandfather, Thomas Stanbridge, was a surveyor, whose wife, Jane, was born in 1760 and died April 27. 1846.  Their son Walter was born in 1780 and married Miss Sarah Sole, who was born in 1785 and died Feb. 24, 1855.  He died in 1853, leaving nine children, one of whom, William, was born at Shoreham, Sussex, England, January 21, 1830.
William Stanbridge grew up in England and was educated in the schools of Little Hampton.  His first work was as a clerk in his brother John's grocery store, where he was employed till 1854.  In that year he came to America with his brothers Frederick and Walter and all three proceeded directly to Wisconsin.  Black Earth was chosen as their destination, and as the railroad then ran no further than Madison they walked the last twenty miles.  Their mother, a widow, died the followinig year, and Frederick went back to England to settle up the estate, marrying and remaining there permanently.  Walater eventually moved to Denver, Colo. where he died.  William Stanbridge continued in Black Earth for nearly eight years.
In 1861 began William Stanbridge's connection with Kenosha, and he ever after had his home in that county.  He acquired altogether some 295 acres of land in Somers Township and for some years was engaged in farming, but later rented his farm and for more than twenty years gave his attention mainly to looking after the property, both here and in Minnesota, of his father-in-law, John Lamb (one of the early settlers of Kenosha County).  This charge lasted until after the latter's death, in 1886.  From 1892 up to the time of his death, while still owning his farm, Mr. Stanbridge led a retired life in Kenosha.  He was always a prominent man in his locality and a public-spirited citizen, and his earlier life, while living in the country, held various township offices, including those of Supervisor and School Director.  His party affiliations were always with the Republicans.
William Stanbridge was united in marriage in May, 1861 to Miss Mary Anna Lamb, daughter of John and Anne Mary (Wilcox) Lamb.  Their married happiness was brief, as Mrs. Stanbridge passed away from this world in February 1864, aged twenty-six years.  She was a member of the Congregational Church.  One daughter was the issue of this union, Mary Elizabeth Lamb who is now the wife of Louis M. Thiers, a photographer, in Kenosha. On October 8, 1891, Mr. Stanbridge was married a second time, to Miss Mary Bell McClennan, daughter of Dr. Samuel R. and Catherine (Garner) McClellan, pioneers in Kenosha County.  Mr. Stanbridge was a prominent member of the Congregational Church in which he was senior deacon for many years.
(Source: Biographical Record of Prominent and Representative Men of Racine and Kenosha Counties Wisconsin, J.H. Beers & Co., Chicago 1906)

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