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Solomon Sniffin
Solomon Sniffin was born in Coxsackie, Green County, New York state about 1820.  He was the son of David Sniffin.  His wife was Sarah G. who was also born in New York state about 1819.  They came to Wisconsin with brother, Ebenezer and wife Almira in 1850.  Their farm was located in Somers Township, Section 6 West, also known as the Kellogg's Corners area.
Solomon and Sarah had eight children.  Solomon died January 27, 1883 and Sarah died on August 20, 1890.  Both are buried at Sylvania Cemetery.
Children of Solomon and Sarah Sniffin:
Kitty Sniffin.  Married Josiah D. Merritt, a lawyer from Chicago, Illinois on June 26, 1877 in Kenosha County.
Emma Sniffin.  Born October 29, 1850 in Somers Township.  Married Charles T. Coonley, son of Edward & Ulellia Coonley, on April 5, 1868 in Kenosha County.  He was born on April 10, 1846 at Stephensville, Greene County, New York.
Mary Ann J. Sniffin.  Born about 1853 in Somers Township.  Married Francis A. Hunter, son of John and Esther Hunter, on March 22, 1864 in Racine County.
Reuben N. Sniffin.  Born about 1855 in Somers Township.
Sarah E. Sniffin.  Born about 1861 in Somers Township.
C. Sniffin.  Born about 1668 in Somers Township.  Married Lydia J. (Raines) Watkins, daughter of John and Ellen Raines, on December 31, 1883 in Racine County.  He was a farm in Somers Township.
David L. Sniff.  Born about 1869 in Somers Township.

More About the Sniffin Family
Ebenezer Sniffin is included in this posting because he is Solomon's brother.  Ebenezer resided for a short time in Somers Township but eventually purchased a parcel in Mt. Pleasant, Racine County.
Ebenezer Sniffin married Almira J. Titus in the fall of 1846 in New York state.  They moved to Wisconsin with Solomon Sniffin, Ebenezer's brother.  They moved to Mt. Pleasant in 1866 where they farmed.  They had four children.  Almira died November 21, 1881 and Ebenezer died on September 7, 1886,  They bare buried at Sylvania Cemetery.
Children of Ebenizer and Almira:
Mary F. Sniffin.  Born February 27, 1850 in Green County, New York.  Married Rufus Sniffen, son of Reuben and Mary Ann Sniffin, in Kenosha County, on Spril 5, 1868.  He was a carpenter who was born in Coxsackie, Green County, New York.
Edwin S. Sniffin.  Born about 1853 in Somers Township.  Died at the age of 18 years on May 19, 1871. 
David Sniffin.  Born about 1854 in Somers Township.
Harvey E. Sniff.  Born about 1862 in Somers Township.
(Source:  Mary Ann Culshaw Falk and Sylvania Cemetery Trustees)

1861 Partial Map of Somers Township, Kellogg's Corners area
Sniffin two (2) parcels in Section 6

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