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Houses of Somers

One way we can document the settlement of Somers Township is knowing when our pioneers built houses and barns. We know by the biographical sketches I have provided in this blog, settlers in the early 1830's built log cabins and lean shelters as their first homes and shelters. These structures provided temporary shelter while our first settlers cleared the land so planting could begin. Once the pioneer became settled and earned money, a more modern and permanent house and barn were constructed.

When were the homes in Somers Township built?
To answer that question I researched the "Neighborhood News" columns, published by the Racine Journal News or Racine Daily Journal. The "Neighborhood News" column was written by Minnie Ozanne, the news reporter that represented Somers. This list represents information I could find - not a complete list. The date in parenthesis represents the date the post was published in the newspaper.

Who built the homes?
Most of the houses in this area were built by Mr. Lauer or Mr. Yule. They also were Somers pioneers and you may find their biographical sketches in this blog of interest.

What makes old farmhouses so appealing?
The front porches are welcoming.  The homes, most simple and unassuming, represented pride in achieving the American dream of most European settlers.  The farmhouse is a structure, as study as the people who built and lived in them, that withstood all four Wisconsin seasons.  Farmhouses bring memories of large family gatherings, picnics on Sunday, and a busy life where neighbors still had time to help out when needed.  It was a time when men operated their farms in addition to volunteering to serve in the Civil War, the School Board, or a Town Board position.  The ladies were quite creative at raising money for the church with card parties and oyster pie suppers and although they had a long day, they kept the social calendar busy!  The farmhouse was where life took place for our pioneers.

Somers Houses

Breckenridge (10-03-1894) "The appearance of our town is being improved by the erecting of Mr. Breckenridge's new house."

Herzog (06-04-1912) "John Herzog hauled lumber from Kenosha for an addition he will build to his tenant house."

Mitchell (11-22-1906) "William Jones and family have moved into Mrs. Fannie Mitchell's house in the village."

Krueger (06-23-1934) "Axel Mikkelson and family are occupying the Herman Krueger home."

Leet (08-24-1906) "George and Fred Leet built a fine cement walk at their house."

Longmore (11-30-1898) "Albert Longmore is moving into his new home in Somers this week."

Anderson (12-10-1901) "Mr. Anderson has received a car load of brick and one of lumber for his new house on the farm."

Anderson (03-09-1906) "P.M. Anderson received a carload of brick the first of the week for his new house in the village.  B.F. Yule was secured the contract."

Anderson (05-11-1906) "The masons are building the foundation for P.M. Anderson's new house."

Anderson (11-09-1906) "Peter Anderson rented his farm and will move to the village in about two weeks, where he built a fine residence."

Bailey (03-30-1906) "Mr. and Mrs. A.P. Bailey have moved into their new home in the Village."

Barrows (08-15-1905) "B.F. Yule secured the contract for the building of Jacob Barrow's new house at a cost of about $l,850.00."

Barrows (10-17-1905) "J.J. Barrows' very find new home which will compare favorably with any, is being pushed ahead as rapidly as the contractors can."

Biehn (08-08-1900) "Wm. Lauer began on J. Biehn's house Monday morning.  Mr. Biehn's house is being remodeled."

Biehn (08-31-1906) "Jacob Biehn is breaking ground for a fine new residence."

Biehn (03-15-1907) "Jacob Biehn moved into his new home Monday afternoon."

Birch (07-10-1945) "Mr. and Mrs. Chris Birch, who have been occupying Mrs. Corbett's home for some time, have moved into their new house in Somers."

Bishop (11-21-1900) "Mr. Joseph Bishop and family will move into the Village in the near future."

Boelter (06-07-1901) "Herman Boelter is building a fine new residence.  B.F. Yule is doing the carpenter work."

Bohm (01-18-1899) "August Bohm is preparing for building a new house in the spring."

Bohm (05-11-1899) "The mason has commenced work on the foundation of August Bohm's new house."

Bohm (05-23-1917) "August Bohm is  making extensive improvements about his home in the Village.  William Lauer is doing the work."

Bose (08-02-1900) "Carpenters began work last week to erect a new residence for Mr. William Bose."

Bullamore (09-30-1914) "Grant Bullamore will build a new house this fall.  William Lauer has the contract for the carpenter work."

Cook and Bailey (10-17-1905)  "Elliott Cook and Price Bailey have the material on the ground for new houses in the western part of the Village.  At present, the Cook's are occupying the Bain homestead.  Mr. Bain's family will make their home in Racine in the future."

Cook (12-15-1905) "Mr. M.E. Cook received a car load of lumber Monday for his new house."

Corbett (09-09-1901) "Thomas Corbett, Jr. is building an addition to his home.  William Lauer is doing the work."

DeLine (04-16-1912) "Frank DeLine will have hs house remodeled this spring."

Fink (10-03-1894) "Mr. Eugene Fink is building a new house."

Gascoigne (04-16-1907) "B.F. Yule and his gang of carpenters began work on Thomas Gascoigne's

Gascoigne (05-05-1908) "Lumber was hauled for Mrs. Mary Gascoigne's new house Monday.  William Lauer has the contract for the building."

Gehring (04-25-1912) "John Gehring is creating a handsome residence.  Will Lauer and men are doing the carpenter work."

Gibbon (03-02-1909) "Mrs. Gibbon is arranging to put up a new residence on the lot she recently purchased from Otto Sorenson, east of the William Bush residence."

Gibbon (08-27-1909) "B.F. Yule and Fred Heddle are building Mrs. Elsie Gibbon's new house."

Gibbon (08-31-1909) "Mrs. Elsie Gibbon and daughters have moved into their new home in the Village."

Gould (05-03-1916) "Roman Griffith of Union Grove is doing the concrete work for L. Jay Gould's new residence and garage in the Village."

Gould (06-23-1916) "Gould's handsome garage of concrete block is almost completed and the foundation is built for his bungalow."

Grimshaw (09-20-1900) "Wm. Lauer began work on Mrs. Grimshaw's house this week."

Hamilton (03-02-1909) "George Hamilton, our mail carrier, expects to build a residence on his property and many others near here will also add improvements.  William Lauer has the contract."

Hansche (03-30-1907) "The Miner U. Halverson Architectural Company have prepared plans and specifications for a very tastily designed residence which will be created by Mr. Ernest R. Hansche on his farm three miles south of Racine at Berryville.  The architect plans call for all conveniences found in the modern city home."

Hansche (05-03-1907) "John Anderson was yesterday awarded the contract for the erection of a $6,000 residence for Ernest Hansche at Berryville."

Ingrouille (03-27-1895) "Peter T. Ingrouille's house in nearing completion."

Kelley (02-20-1901)  "Another carload of brick arrived for Thomas Kelley last week.  Mr. Kelley will build a new dwellinghouse, a creamery, and other buildings in the spring."

Lichter (05-02-1911) "John Lichter is building a new residence."

Longmore (10-22-1896) "Mr. and Mrs. George Longmore moved into their house west of the Village last week.  Mr. Longmore having purchased the farm, will make Somers their home."

Longmore (03-10-1908) "Material is drawn for the new house to be erected by Edward Longmore."

Miller (08-06-1912) "F.M. Miller had a drawing bee on Saturday morning when a large quantity of sand and gravel was drawn from the lake to be used in the building of a new house."

Miller (12-17-1912) "F.M. Miller and family have moved into their new home.  He put a telephone in his new residence."

Ozanne (08-22-1900) "The carpenters began work on E.G. Ozanne's house Monday morning."

Piper (01-27-1922)  "The beautiful new home erected at Piper's Park for A.J. Piper and family will be ready for occupancy in a short while."

Piper (03-29-1922) "Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Piper and family have moved to their new home at Piper's Park."

Piper (05-16-1899) "Gus J. Piper is havinghis house remodeled in Berryville."

Rasmussen (03-02-1909) "M.A. Rasmussen has begun work on a $1,000 green house.  he also has the plans made and the lumber purchased for a dwelling house which he will erect just east of his barn."

Rasmussen (03-30-1906) "Mr. M.A. Rasmussen is drawing the material for a new house to be built on the farm he recently purchased."

Rasmussen (06-09-1905) "B.F. Yule and his men have commenced work on the M.A. Rasmussen new house."

Rasmussen (10-17-1905) "M.A. Rasmussen's $4,500 residence is nearing completion."

Rice (09-17-1898) "Adam Rice is building his cellar wall and the house will be put up as soon as possible."

Schaffer (05-03-1900) "The mason's have commenced work for the foundation of Jacob Schaffer's new house."

Schaffer (05-24-1900) "B.F. Yule, F. Heddle, and Jacob Drissel are at work on Jacob Schaffer's new house."

Spencer (06-07-1901) "James E. Spencer is having his house remodeled."

Strong (12-14-1898) "Wm. Lauer has completed the addition to S.S. Strong's house."

Yule (09-30-1914) "B.F. Yule is making considerable improvements on his house."

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