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1924 Map of the Village of Somers
Fred Heddle parcel north side of Highway E or Somers Road.

Frederick W. Heddle
Frederick W. Heddle was born in 1863 in Illinois.  He was the son of David and Mary Yule Heddle.  David Heddle was born July 24, 1827 in Shapinshav, Orkney, Scotland.  He came to America June 2, 1855 and first settled for a short itme in Millburn, Illinois where he met upon the Yule family, some of which moved to Somers Township from Millburn, Illinois.  David Heddle married Mary Yule, July 1861 in Somers Township.  Mary was born Feb. 16, 1836 in Aberdeen, Scotland and is the daughter of Alexander Yule and Jane Watson Yule.
David and Mary lived in Somers until 1863 when they moved to Newport, Lake County, Illinois
Children of David and Mary:
Frederick W. born in Illinois about 1863.  Lived in Somers and worked as a carpenter.  Died October 26, 1925.
Cora Jane born in Illinois about 1866 (also seen Aug 4, 1965) and died June 3, 1891
Margaret Eleanor born in Illinois 1870.  Married John Connell.
David born about 1871 and died Aug. 14, 1872.
Marion/MaryAnn/Mollie (have seen all three names in census reports) born about 1877.
After the death of David Heddle on November 12, 1880,  Mary Yule Heddle moved back to Somers with her son Frederick W. and daughter Marion/MaryAnn/Mollie.  Fred Heddle lived in the village of Somers.
(Source:  Partial information from the Historic Millburn Community Assoc., Inc.)

More About Heddle
"Judge and Mrs. D.H. Flett of Racine and Dr. Charles Flett of Waterford spent Sunday with Mrs. Mary Heddle."
(Source:  Racine Daily Journal publication date Aug. 22, 1902)

"Mrs. Mary Heddle and Miss Annie Yule have been very ill at Millburn, Illinois but are reported better."
(Source:  Racine Journal publication date April 3, 1903)

There are seven vacncies in the public schools.  Normal school training is now required of all applicants for positions.  Mollie Heddle, Somers, Kenosha County, Graduate of rochester Academy and Whitewater Normal."
(Source:  Racine Daily Journal, publication date June 1, 1905)

"Mr. Fred Heddle has returned from a trip to Denver, Colorado.  Mr. Heddle has been selected as Director of the Stamp springs Mining Co., Denver, Colorado."
(Source:  Racine Journal News, publication date Sept. 28, 1909).

More About Mary Yule Heddle
"Mrs. Mary Heddle, age 76, widow of the late David Heddle and one of the best known of the pioneer residents of the Town of Somers, was found dead in bed at  her home just after 6 o'clock Wednesday morning.  Death came during the night but it came so peacefully that the other members of the household did not know that Mrs. Heddle had been ill until her son Fred went to her room to call her for breakfast and found her dead.  Mrs. Heddle had been in the best of health as of Tuesday and after the big rain of Tuesday afternoon had walked more than a half mile to the house of a neighbor where she had made a social visit.  When she returned she did not complain of any illness.  The deceased was a daughter of the late Alexander Yule, one of the first settlers of the Town of Somers.  She was born Feb. 16, 1836 and spent much of her time in Somers Township.  She is survived by one son, Fred of Somers, and two daughters Mrs. John Connell of Russell, Illinois and Mrs. Ira Burgess of Kellogg's Corners and also by six brothers.  Mrs. Heddle was a half sister of George H.Yule and John T. Yule of this city.
Mrs. Heddle was united in marriage to David Heddle in 1861.  Mr. Heddle died 31 years ago.
The remains of Mrs. Heddle were taken to Millburn, Illinois where a short service was conducted by Rev. Safford. A quartet from Milburn sang a number of favorite songs.  Interment beside her husband and daughter in the family plot in the Millburn, Illinois cemetery.
(Source:  Racine Journal News, publication date May 30, 1912)

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