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For Sale-Farms

The following "for sale" entries relating to Somers Township  land, homes, and miscellaneous items may be of historical significance.  The entry postings below were all found in the Racine Journal newspapers.  The date in the parenthesis represent the date the entry was published in the newspaper.  Although not a complete listing, it is a fair representation of the activity during the late 1800's and early 1900's.

Anderson/Bush (02-16-1906) "P.M. Anderson purchased 1-1/2 acres of land in the village from Mr. William Bush recently, and will erect a modern house."

Anderson (11-19-1898) "For Sale - choice property on South Street in Somers.  See Jacob Anderson."

Bailey (March 30, 1906) Mrs. and Mrs. A.P. Bailey have moved into their new home in the village."

Bain (12-02-1902) "W.E. Bain's new barn in near completion.  B.F. Yule is doing the work."

Barrows/Bush (03-30-1906) "Mr. Hiram Barrows purchased 45 acres of land from Miss Delia Bishop.  Consideration $4,500.00."

Barrows (08-28-1916) "Jacob J. Barrows has purchased 45 acres of land from William Wendtlandt."

Barrows (12-06-1899) "Jacob Barrows sold his farm and moved to Racine."

Barrows (11-10-1906) "For Sale - 20 acre farm just northwest of Berryville.  H. Barrows, Somers"

Biehn/Longmore (04-05-1899) "Jake Biehn sold his farm to Albert Longmore for $75 an acre."

Biehn/Garratt (05-10-1910) "A party of surveyers were out from Kenosha on Saturday morning and surveyed a portion of Jacob Biehn's farm, which was purchased by Alfred Garratt, a year ago."

Bishop (03-23-1906) "For Sale - My farm of 81 acres, 1/2 mile from Somers, good barns, good 12 room house, orchard, good wells, cistern.  Delia Bishop.  Somers Village."

Bishop (12-14-1898) "I.T. Bishop sold his west forty to Milwaukee parties last week for $70 an acre."

Bishop (12-26-1894) "Isaac T. Bishop sold his farm of 160 acres to Chicago parties for $50 per acre."

Bohm/Stetler (10-19-1916) "August Bohm, who has purchased the Stetler property in the Village, expects to move onto it the first of the month."

Bohm (05-11-1899) "The mason has commenced work on the foundation of August Bohm's new house."

Bose (05-14-1906) "For Sale - Variety of Strawberry plants.  Ed Bose, Berryville."

Buswell/Lichter (03-21-1900 "The Buswell farm has been sold to George Lichter of Minnesota."

Stonebraker (12-06-1899) "The Stonebraker property has been purchased, house and three acres by Mrs. Joseph Bishop."

Burgess/Flett (01-09-1903) "George Burgess is moving to the Flett farm which he will work the coming year."

Burgess (05-25-1906) "For Sale - to close the Estate of the late W.E. Burgess, 200 plus acres of choice farm land one half mile from Somers Station.  Will divide."

Cook/Bullamore (06-20-1899) "Mr. and Mrs. Lafayette Cook have sold their proerty in the Village to Mr. J.H. Bullamore of Spring Bluff, Illinois.  Mr. Bullamore will take possession in about two months."

Cook/Bush (09-23-1903) "Mr. Elliott Cook has sold his house and lot to William B. Bush and will move with his family to Kenosha."

Corbett/Feest (03-02-1909) "Thomas Corbett, Jr. has purchased 15 acres of land from John Feest."

Donsing/Christensen (11-06-1913) "Fred Donsing has sold his farm to Lawrence Christensen and expects to hold an auction."

Felch/Schuster (04-06-1906) "Mr. Frank N. Felch recently sold 40 acres to John and Adoph Schuster."

Felch (10-30-1906) "Frank Felch will hold an auction sale Thursday of this week.  He and family are moving to Racine."

Fink/Biehn (08-17-1899) "Last week John Fink sold his farm to Jacob Biehn for $50 an acre."

Fink/Herzog (02-21-1902) "John W. Fink has sold his farm of 120 acres to John Herzog, the transfer being made last week."

Fitzgerald/Bishop (11-21-1905) "The latest deal in real estate is the purchased of the Fitzgerald property by Albert Bishop who will take possession December 1st.  Mr. Fitzgerald who has been a resident of the Village for anumber of years and will hold an auction sale on Tuesday and then he will move to Milwaukee, his former home."

Gardinier (05-24-1900) "Ellsworth Gardiniere has purchased a cabbage planter."

Gascoigne/Christensen (02-25-1913) "Thomas Gascoigne has sold his farm to Chris Christensen of Racine."

Gascoigne (08-17-1899) "William Gascoigne sold his property to his son, Fred."

Gascoigne/Soens (11-16-1906) "Mr. Joseph Gascoigne and family moved on the Soens farm."

Grimshaw (12-15-1905) "Mrs. Grimshaw sold her farm to Andrew Nelson."

Haigh (10-10-1902) "Enoch Haigh has bought the Porter farm for $80 per acre."

Hansche (04-03-1913) "Mr. and Mrs. Hansche has sold their farm.  They expect to make their home in Racine."

Hansche (07-03-1908) "For Sale - Good bay farm horse.  1,300 pounds.  Inquire at Lawrence Hansche farm, west from Piper's Park, Berryville."

Hansche/Piper (12-09-1902) "Mr. F.J. Hansche has purchased the farm of F. Piper situated one mile west of Berryville.  Mr. Hansche and wife iwll move to their new home the first part of next week."

Heide/Strong (11-06-1913) "Chris Heide who has rented the George Strong farm for some years will hold an auction this week.  Mr. Heide has purchased a 40 acre farm in Pleasant Prairie and will move onto it in the near future.  Clarence Strong of North Dakota will move onto his father's farm this fall."

Helding (12-02-1913) "Nels Helding sold his farm and will have an auction."

Helding (09-21-1948) "A family from New York state has purchased Mr. and Mrs. Fred Helding's home in the Village.  Mr. and Mrs. Helding have gone to live in the Danish Old People's Home in Racine."

Klapproth (04-29-1916) For Sale - 50,000 Glen Mary strawberry plants. $2.00 per 1,000.  Henry Klapproth, Berryville.

Klapproth (07-02-1917) "For Sale - 50,000 Cabbage plants.  H. Klapproth, Berryville.

Klapproth (11-08-1912) "For Sale - Good Milch cows.  Rt #4 Box 31, H. Klapproth, Berryville."

Klapproth (1915) "Henry Klapproth and Catharine Klapproth purchased a 30 acre parcel and a 5 acres parcel from Lawrence and Mary Hansche."

Klinkhammer/Biehn (08-15-1911) "John Klinkhammer has purchased J. Biehn's farm of about 95 acres."

Knudsen (11-15-1902) "Miller & Case have sold a 75 acres farm near Somers to Hans Knudsen."

Lauer/Donsing (08-27-1907) "It is reported that William Lauer has purchased 40 acres of land from Mr. Donsing and will erect a new house upon it in the near future."

Lauer/Thompson (1-23-1902) "Another important real estate deal has been closed within the last few days in the village, Frank Lauer having purchased the property of Frank Thompson, which consists of 37-1/2 acres of land and the buildings, located on the east side of the railroad tracks.  It is said that Mr. lauer will open up a meat market and probably a hotel in the near future."

Longmore/Biehn (04-05-1899) "Albert Longmore sold his property in the Village to his father and purchased Jacob Biehn's farm."

Longmore/Barrows (10-10-1902) "Albert Longmore had sold his farm to Jacob Barrows of Berryville at $83-1/2 per acre."

Longwell/Rasmussen (04-10-1901) "Matt Rasmussen purchased the John Longwell farm, containing 60 acres."

Longwell/Fink (11-09-1906) "Harry Jones, who a few years ago bought the place known as the Longwell farm, and having sold out to Eugene Fink of Mt. Pleasant, has moved to Mygatt's Corners."

Lotz (08-23-1913) "For Sale - Cheap - 60 acre farm 2-1/2 miles west of Berryville.  Owner, Joseph Lotz"

Lytle (02-07-1893) "The feed mill at somers which was built and operated by Hughes Bros. for several years, and which was purchased by Mr. Allen Williams of Milwaukee, has again changed hands and is now the property of Mr. Henry Lytle of this place.  He is well known to all and deserves the patronage of every farmer."

Ozanne (05-28-1896) "Seed potatoes, Rural New yorkers No. 2, good quality and heavy yield.  Price 25 cents a bushel.  L.E. Ozanne."

Perry (11-16-1899) "Joseph Perry sold his 40 acre farm for $50 an acre."

Piper (02-25-1900) "For Sale - Farm of 70 acres.  Three miles south of Racine and one mile from Berryville.  F.K. Piper."

Piper (03-22-1899) "Thomas Piper purchased the Blodgett farm."

Piper/Jackon (03-29-1904) "For Sale - 41 acre farm known as the Jackson farm.  Thomas Piper in Berryville, seller."

Rasmussen/Jones (09-07-1906) "M.A. Rasmussen purchased the Harry Jones farm."

Reece (03-06-1884) "D.W. Reece will sell at public auction on his farm situated two miles north of Somers Station and two miles south of Western union Junction, on Thursday, March 13, 1884, the following property: eleven cows, three head of fat cattle, one Cooly Creamer containing 6 cans, a lot of butter jars, milk pans, one butter worker, 200 bushels of Scotch seed barley, eight bushels of seed buskwheat, one seed garden drill, one buggy."

Reidenbach/Bishop (12-02-1913) "Mr. John Reidenbach will have an auction.  He purchased 40 acres of land from Isaac T. Bishop."

Reiter/Moran (04-04-1893) "At the auction sale of the Reiter farm in Somers, James Moran, of Somers, bought 15 acres for $1,500 and C.H. Gonnermann bought more acres for $5,700.00."

Scheckler (12-16-1912) "The farm of the late John G. Scheckler one mile west of Berryville, Wisconsin consisting of 107 acres, will be sold in three parcels to the highest bidder, at the north door of the Kenosha Court House at 1 p.m. on the 21st day of December 21st by order of the circuit court."

Scheckler (12-31-1912) "The farm of Mr. Scheckler was bought by his two sons.  It went very cheap."

Schoolhouse No. 7 (09-05-1905) B.F. Yule was awarded the contract for building the new school house No. 7 has the foundation well under ways and the carpenter work will begin soon."

Smith (02-24-1921) "Frank Smith has rented his farm to his brother and will hold an auction sale of his stock and machinery on Tuesday March 1.  Frank Smith has purchased the house and lot in the Village owned by August Monteen of Kenosha."

Somers Creamery (July 1913) "Louis Fenske, the former owner of the Somers Creamery, has again purchased the property."

Sorenson (Nov. 13, 1907)  "Otto Sorensen, who sold his farm recently, will have an auction.  Mr. and mrs. Soreson will move to Racine."

Swartz (04-01-1897) "For Sale - Apple trees at 6 foot.  Strawberryy plants $1.75 to $4.00 per 1,000 according to variety.  J.F. Swartz, Berryville."

Thelen/Sherwood (01-12-1899) "Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood have sold their farm to Mr. Nicholas Thelen, and moved to Racine last week."

Uhlemberg/Palleson (01-12-1935) "George Palleson purchased the farm formerly owned by the late Henry Uhlemberg."

Yonk (04-12-1900) "Mr. and Mrs. John Yonk and family are moving onto their farm they recently purchased."

Yule (02-25-1907) "Mr. B.F. Yule has purchased ten acres of land from Mr. A.C. Ozanne.  Consideration $800."

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