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DeLong and Reas

Horace De Long Farm
Somers Township, Section 6 west
(Source:  Illustrated Atlas of Racine and Kenosha County Wisconsin, H.O. Brown & Co., Publishers 1887)

1887 Partial Somers Township Map, Kenosha County
Section 6 DeLong parcel
Section 4 Reas parcel
Section 8 W.E. Burgess parcel
 George DeLong
George and Pamela (Farrington) DeLong arrived in Wisconsin from their native New York in 1838.  George DeLong was born on February 8, 1807 in New York and Pamelia (Farrington) DeLong was born on November 13, 1806.  They took up farming in Somers Township, Kellogg's Corner area, with their son Horace.  (George DeLong owned two parcels in Somers Township, Section 6,  in 1861: 46 acres and 135 acres). Pamela died on January 22, 1880 and George died on December 31, 1891.  Both are buried at Sylvania Cemetery.
Children (2) of George and Pamela DeLong:
Matilda DeLong born October 14, 1834 in Utica, New York.  She died September 16, 1905.
Horace T. DeLong born June 20, 1837 in Utica, New York.

Horace T. DeLong Family
Horace T. Delong came to Wisconsin with his parents in 1838. He married Miss Mary Reas, daughter of Peter Reas on October 13, 1861. Mary (Reas) DeLong died in Chicago, Illinois on February 14, 1927 and is buried at Graceland Cemetery in Racine, Wisconsin near her son, J. Edwin DeLong. It is not known where or when Horace died.
Children of Horace and Mary (Reas) DeLong:
Carrie DeLong born August 16, 1862 in Mt. Pleasant Township, married William E. Burgess, the son of William E. and Jane Leet Burgess, on December, 1891; died Dec. 8, 1941, buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Somers, Wisconsin.
James Edwin DeLong, buried at Graceland Cemetery, Racine.
Willard DeLong, died June 1870
Alton B. DeLong, buried at Graceland Cemetery, Racine.
(Source: Mary Ann Culshaw Falk and Sylvania Cemetery Trustees)

Horace DeLong
(Source:  Photo by The Bush Family Tree,

Mary Reas DeLong
(Source:  Photo by The Bush Family Tree,

Peter Reas
Oakwood Cemetery
(Source:  Photo by Jacqueline Klapproth Nelson.  Copyright October 2011)

Peter Reas
(Source:  Photo by the Bush Family Tree,

Catherine Reas
Oakwood Cemetery
(Source: Photo by Jacqueline Klapproth Nelson. Copyright October 2011)

Catherine Reas
(Source:  Photo by The Bush Family Tree,

James Edwin Reas
(Source:  Photo by The Bush Family Tree,

About D.W. Reas
Daniel W. Rease was born in Cortland County, New York, in 1837.  His father, James Rease, came to Wisconsin in 1839, returned East, and in 1840, brought his family and settled in what is now Somers.  He engaged in farming until the death of his wife in 1846 when he engaged in a sign and house painting business until 1861.  He then went to California leaving Daniel to manage the farm.  Daniel also went to California but only remained a year when he returned to the farm in Somers.  He is a Member of the Presbyterian Church.  He married in Cortland County, New York in January 1865, Miss Maria A. Brooks, also a native of Cortland County,  They had three children:  Clayton B., born April 9, 1866; Harvey V. born Feb. 28, 1873; amd Edith M. Jan. 21, 1877.
(Source:  The History of Racine and Kenosha Counties, Wisconsin, Chicago, Western Historical Company, 1879)

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