Monday, October 17, 2011

1876 "Pioneer Life in Kenosha County" by H.M. Simmons

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I found found this twenty one page historical sketch, written by H.M. Simmons, July 4, 1876, one of the most personal and interesting histories written about Kenosha County.  He writes, in detail,  about the first settlers of the County in 1835 and mentions Somers and our early settlers.  I especially like that it was written in 1876 when the information was current and pioneers were still around to be interviewed and tell their stories.  In my opinion, you won't read a better history story!
Below is a link to the web site that provides a digital copy of the entire twenty one page story.  I hope you enjoy!

H.M. Simmons
Contributor:  Unity Magazine
Henry Martyn Simmons served as superintendent of schools in Kenosha and as minister of the Unitarian church of Kenosha from 1871 to 1879.  During his tenure at the church, the first lending library for the city of Kenosha was organized.
Photograph Courtesy of Kenosha County Historical Society and the C.E. Dewey Collection

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