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1835 Berryville School

Berryville's first school, above, now is used for grain storage on the John Hansche farm.  The log structure was completed in 1855, and set amidst an area long known for the variety of berries growing around the farms.  A second school was built in 1872, later used for onion storage, and torn down about six years ago.
(Source: Photo Courtesy of Jacqueline Klapproth Nelson)

School District No. 11 - Berryville School
"The first school in the northeastern section of our township was Number 11, later called Berryville School.  The first building was a log house built on the east side of the highway.  Later a frame building was built on the same site.  The log building is now is use as a granary on the John Hansche farm, and the frame building built about 1872 is used as an onion storage house.
As the population along the lake shore increased it was necessary to build again, and today Number 11 is one of the finest red brick on the west side of the highway, with a large playground and community hall, now employing five teachers.  Among the early teachers were:  William Longmore, Helena Ozanne, Mary Cunningham, Alice Moss, Alice McCormick, G.M. Hoffman, Alice Stannard, Mary Moran, G.M. Kerkhoff, Edna Perry.
Frank Swingle taught in Number 2 building for five years, and it was while he was instructor there, that a meeting was held in his school building, that was the originating of the "Cabbage Disease Control, October of 1897."  This devastating disease "Cabbage Yellows" was ruining the cabbage storage business in the lake shore counties.
Following this first meeting, the disease resistant cabbage was developed by Dr. H.L. Russell and Dr. L.R. Jones of Wisconsin College of Agriculture, with the faithful cooperation of the lake shore truck growers.
As a result of this first meeting in Our town, the cabbage crowing business in Wisconsin and the United States was saved.
(Source: My Memoirs, by Minnie A.G. Ozanne. Copyright 1948--Minnie A.G. Ozanne. All Rights Reserved.)

More About the History of Berryville School
According to W.S. Dearsley, one of the oldest settlers on the Lake Shore Road in the Berryville area north of Kenosha, the first school in Berryville District No. 11 was built about 1835.  In 1855 an addition was built.  A new building was constructed in 1872, when 36 pupils were in attendance.  Both buildings occupied sites on the east side of Lake Shore Road.  The first is being used as a granary on the J.W. Hansche farm, and the second is now a part of the home of Emil Julius on the Dearsley Road.
In 1923 the C.F. Kreuger family sold property on the corner of Lake Shore Road and Berryville Road for the purpose of erecting a new modern schoolhouse.  See location and map below.  Construction cost was $31,000.00.  A four room wing was added several years later for a cost of $75,000.00.  Enrollment at Berryville School averaged 300.

1908 Map of Somers Township, Berryville neighborhood
School located east of Lake Shore Drive
C.F. Krueger parcel sold for new Berryville School 1923

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