Tuesday, September 27, 2011

1927 Somers Community Fair

"There is the growing belief of the Somers Town Board that the first attempt at a fair has past into history.  From all sides comes scores of questions concerning the probability of making the fair an annual event and based on this year's success it is thought that another fair will be held next year.  The fair enjoyed a pleasing attendance.  The large crowd came in the evening and parking space was at a premium.  Nearby fields had to be used.  The stunt contest was a feature in the evening.  This consisted of various 4-H Clubs.  These were judged and cash prizes were given to the winners."

A final check of the fair shows that 160 exhibitors had approximately 750 entries.  These were divided as follows:
Flowers- 50
Apples - 91
Livestock - 5
Poultry - 47
Vegetables - 55
Farm Crops - 27
Amateur Photography - 46
Fancywork - 90
Canning - 107
Cooking - 45
4-H Poultry - 55
4-H Garden - 40
4-H Canning - 48
4-H Sewing - 12
Open Club Class Sewing - 21
Open Club Canning - 14
Children Class Sewing - 7
Prizes Awarded!
352 Blue Ribbons
178 Second Place Ribbons
111 Third Place Ribbons
(Source: Racine Weekly Journal October 7, 1927)

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