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1908 "Village" of Somers

1908 Map of the "Village" of Somers, Township of Somers, Kenosha County, Wisconsin
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Settlement of "The Village"

Early pioneer settlement of farms and little neighborhood clusters were established in Somers Township as early as the 1830's. The building of the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad is the primary reason why the "village" of Somers established and grew at its current location. Here are a few photos that may interest you.
Click on this link to view a freight train and Somers Station (c. 1934).

Click on this link to view a passenger train photographed in Somers (c.1934).

Pioneer Family Names on Map - West to East North Side of Highway E or Somers Road
  1. Bush, W.R.
  2. Sorensen, C.
  3. Bishop A.J.*
  4. Longmore, J.
  5. Heddle F.*
  6. Thompson, N.E.*
  7. Spence*
  8. Woodmen Hall
  9. Nelson, J.
  10. Bain, W. (east of tracks)
  11. Mitchell, Mrs. (east of tracks)
  12. Hamilton, G. (east of tracks)*
Pioneer Family Names on Map - West to East South Side of Highway E or Somers Road
  1. Longmore, E.
  2. Bailey, P.*
  3. Cook, E.
  4. Anderson, P.M.*
  5. Grimshaw, Mrs.*
  6. Bishop, J.*
  7. Longmore J.*
  8. Bishop J.*
  9. M.E. (Methodist Episcopal) Church Parsonage
  10. Lytle, H.*
  11. Gould, M.R.*
  12. Mitchell Bros.
  13. M.E. (Methodist Episcopal) Church
  14. Bishop*
  15. Yule, B.F.*
  16. Presbyterian Church Parsonage*
  17. Schultz, A.*
  18. Mitchell Bros.
  19. Wirtz, J.B.*
  20. Bullamore Bros.*
  21. Lauer (east of tracks)
  22. Rasmussen (east of tracks)
Back Street - West to East
  1. L.H. Fenske*
  2. Lytle, H.
  3. Fenske, L.H.
  4. Lytle, H.
* = 20 original pioneer homes still standing

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